HERE route optimization

Demo to preview the plugin:


This plugin allows you to build the shortest route from one address to another through intermediate addresses using the HERE API. The plugin is suitable for logistics companies and delivery services to create the most thoughtful routes.


You need an API key from HERE.

How to setup

Signing up and getting your API Key

  1. To register for HERE platform account, go to and click on Create a free account.
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Follow the four steps for sign-up. No credit card is required for the Base plan.
If you already have an account, click Sign in instead.
  1. On the platform portal page, under Access location services, click on Create an app. It opens the Register new app dialog. Enter an app name and click Register.
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  1. Once the app is created, in Credentials tab, you should see two ways of authenticating - OAuth 2.0 and API Keys. Click on API Keys, and then Create API Key. You can create maximum of two API Keys per application. For additional security, you can use the API Key credentials key-rotation feature. This is done by creating a second API Key for your application and deleting the original key when it is no longer required.
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You can now see the generated API key with the created date and the current status (“Enabled or Disabled”) information. You can Delete or Disable your API key by clicking on the three dots on right of STATUS.
  1. Copy and paste the generated API key in the plugin settings of your application
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Plugin Data/Action Calls (API Calls only)

  1. HERE Optimize Route - Compute best Sequence for Waypoints (Travelling Salesman Problem)
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End Point
The destination of the trip formatted as 00.00,00.00
Start Point
The beggining of the trip formatted as longtitue,latitude
Waypoints is a list of destinations where the driver should drive through. This list should be formatted as destination1=51.486,7.0459&destination2=51.4879,7.0337&destination3=51.432,6.886. Each destination should be separated from others by ‘&’.
The result will be a list of routes each a sequence of waypoints, total distance, total time, list of interconnections and response code. Each waypoint contains geographical coordinates(latitude and longitude), sequence number. Each interconnection contains information about driving from one point of the sequence to another. It contains starting waypoint, ending waypoint, distance and time.
The call can be used as action or data source. 

Workflow example

  1. Set an event to trigger the HERE Optimize Route action, set the fields
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  1. Set a custom state to store the results of the HERE Optimize Route action
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  1. Use the custom state to display the results of HERE Optimize Route action
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