Air Native service - convert your Bubble app into iOS and Android

Convert your Bubble app to Android and iOS native apps with Air Native. Then integrate all of the native features with the help of the Air Native Plugin.

​About this Service

Link to the native page:


Embedding your existing Bubble app into mobile applications is a super easy process with our new Air Native service.
All you need is to indicate your app URL and add your own images like splash screen, icons, etc., and we'll handle the rest.
What you'll get from us are ready-made builds for Android and iOS apps, ready to be published to Google Play and App Store.
Tip: With Air Native, you can have your native iOS and Android builds ready even if your Bubble app is not complete yet. You can already order the builds to have the native environment for testing, and simply focus on the development process of your app 🚀
Note: App Store & Google Play Publishing is not included by default. If you'd like us to take care of the publishing process, it can be purchased as an add-on to your builds order.


Tip: Check the Bubble tips and tricks for the native section of this doc, to optimize the design and performance for Android and iOS.
Before converting your Bubble app to the native apps, you need to have the following accounts:
Apple Developer
$99 per year
Google Play Developer
$25 one-time
The Apple and Google Developer accounts are necessary for publishing the native apps to the App Store and Google Play, under your own name.
The OneSignal and Firebase accounts are needed for Push Notifications configurations, in case your app requires such functionality. You will be able to monitor all the data and manage all configurations under your own accounts.
Note: There are two types of Apple Developer Program memberships: Individual and Organizational. We recommend choosing the Organizational account because it is much easier to handle the uploading and publishing process. If you have the Individual, it is best to change it to Organizational (based on new Apple Developer policies, the invited team members can create certificates only if you have this type of account).
Important: The minimum supported version for the Android app to work - is v7.1. The minimum supported version for the iOS app to work - is v12.0.

How it works

The whole process is pretty straightforward. You just order your builds (and Publishing if needed), then submit the app details from your Zeroqode Profile -> Air Native tab, and we'll notify you back within 24 hours* when builds are ready to be published.
*Note: 24-hour turnaround time applies only for the Builds and applies to work days only. It starts to count from the moment of adding the additional app details from the profile -> Air Native tab.
Important: After receiving the builds, please do not delete any of the Firebase or OneSignal configurations. Otherwise, the native apps will not function as expected.

Order builds

The first step is to purchase your native builds.
​1⃣ Go to, and scroll down to locate the pricing section.
2⃣ Select the App Store & Google Play Publishing checkbox if needed, and click on Order Builds.
Tip: The Android + iOS Builds price is $299. It is a one-time payment and you can convert only one Bubble app. In case you want to have two (and more) Bubble apps converted to native apps, it is required to purchase another license.
Tip: You can change your App URL to use a different Bubble project under the same license. There are 3 rebuilds you can do for free in the first month after purchasing the license. If using all 3/3 rebuilds, or the month has passed by, the rebuilds will become paid. A rebuild will cost $49.
Note: Check the App Store review guidelines and Google Play review guidelines before submission. In case of any guideline violation, Apple/Google may reject your app. You will have to solve all the mentioned violations before submitting your app again.

Submit app details

After purchase, it is required to fill in some app information. ​
1⃣ You will be redirected to your -> Air Native tab to submit your app details.
2⃣ Fill in all the app details (choose the preferred configurations), then submit.
Note: Please make sure to add Zeroqode's emails to your accounts as team members, before submission as shown on the gif below. This will help us deliver the native builds much faster.
Congrats: Your native builds will be delivered within 24 hours (working days only). You will receive an email as soon as everything is ready.

​Air Native plugin by Zeroqode

So, you have successfully converted your Bubble app to Android and iOS - what's next? 🤔 Since you are using Bubble to build your startup, when it comes to adding all kinds of features to your app - it is required to use events and actions in your workflows.
This is why we have built the Air Native plugin by Zeroqode, which comes with all the 📱 native features you can implement into your Bubble editor.
Air Native plugin by Zeroqode: See the instructions on how to install and configure the plugin to use all of the Native Features in your Bubble App.

Notes on plugins

Note: The Agora service is no longer supporting native iOS. It will not work in the native mobile apps, unfortunately, but will function properly in the browser, both desktop and mobile.

Bubble tips and tricks for Native

There are many ways to plan the architecture of your Bubble app. It is a matter of choice how to design and build the logic.
Tip: It is optional, but the following points will considerably help you boost the speed and performance of your Android and iOS, as well as prevent potential rejection from Apple/Google.
  1. Design your Bubble app as a Single Page Application. Try to use just one page for your entire app (if possible), and use the show/hide actions.
  1. The "page redirects" are to be done through custom states and/or option sets.
Note: Using URL parameters will considerably slow down your native apps. We recommend trying to avoid it.
  1. Hide all the unnecessary elements on your page, even if they are not seen!
  1. Think overloading from the database in advance. Filter the unnecessary.
  1. Design your Bubble app with native principles in your mind. It will help a lot at the publishing stage (especially for the App Store because the guys from the App Store Review Team are quite picky and may reject your app).
  1. Optimise your app. Remove any unnecessary plugins, styles, JavaScript code, etc.
✔️ Some great mobile UX design resources:
Note: To prevent app rejection from Apple/Google, please check the App Store review guidelines and Google Play review guidelines before submission. In case of any guideline violation, Apple/Google may reject your app. You will have to solve all the mentioned violations before submitting your app again.6.


Live demo: Give it a try here to test the Android app, and here to test the iOS app.