Bubble tips and tricks for Native

There are many ways to plan the architecture of your Bubble app. It is a matter of choice how to design and build the logic.
Tip: It is optional, but the following points will considerably help you boost the speed and performance of your Android and iOS, as well as prevent potential rejection from Apple/Google.
1. Design your Bubble app as a Single Page Application. Try to use just one page for your entire app (if possible), and use the show/hide actions.
2. The "page redirects" to be done through custom states and/or option sets.
Note: Using URL parameters will considerably slow down your native apps. We recommend trying to avoid it.
3. Hide all the unnecessary elements on your page, even if they are not seen!
4. Think about overloading the database in advance. Filter the unnecessary.
5. Design your Bubble app with native principles in your mind. It will help a lot at the publishing stage (especially for the App Store because the guys from the App Store Review Team are quite picky and may reject your app).
6. Optimise your app. Remove any unnecessary plugins, styles, JavaScript code, etc.
βœ”οΈ Some great mobile UX design resources:
Note: To prevent app rejection from Apple/Google, please check the App Store review guidelines and Google Play review guidelines before submission. In case of any guideline violation, Apple/Google may reject your app. You will have to solve all the mentioned violations before submitting your app again.