This section explains what Zeroqode Plugins are, and how they add superpowers to your app.

❓ What is a "Plugin"

A plugin is an extension that gives superpowers💪to your app.
Zeroqode has developed, prepared, and tested several hundred plugins perfect for any application.
Do you need custom menus to implement your idea? Do you want more animations for the website maybe? Or do you need a music player on this page? For almost any purpose, there is a plugin that you can embed🔌into a template by changing or expanding its functionality.
Follow the link to see them all.

📥 Plugin Installation

To install a plugin:
  • Find Plugin Tab in the Bubble app's editor
  • Click + Add plugins button
  • Go to Search Bar and type in the name of the plugin
  • If the plugin is free - simply click the Install button. If it is a paid plugin - click Buy.
  • Now you can see the installed plugin in the Plugin Tab and new visual elements or workflow actions will be available in the app.
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🔬 Experiment More - Pay Less

If you are on a paid plan, you can subscribe to a plugin and use it for 1-2 days or any extent of time that you wish.
When you subscribe to a plugin you pay only for the actual number of days you used it and not for the full month. The fee is added to the monthly bill (or yearly if the user is on a yearly plan), and the amount is prorated. If you subscribe to a plugin for one day you’ll end up being charged for this plugin = fee / 30. So if it doesn't work for you within a few days you can uninstall it and it won't cost you much 🙂
If you are on Bubble’s Free plan or Legacy Hobby plan, you’d only be able to purchase the plugin with a one-time payment. In that case, before purchasing a plugin please check the plugin’s demo page and documentation carefully to make sure it suits your requirements and expectations.

🎮 Demo

Each plugin can be tested and checked out before purchase by clicking the "Live Demo" and "Demo Editor" buttons.
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360 Degree Viewer and Panorama Plugin360 Virtual TourAOS Page PluginAWS File Uploader PluginAWS File Uploader PluginAdvanced Rich Text EditorAdvanced Rich Text Editor🐦Advanced Twitter APIAdvanced Rarible NFT ProtocolAdvanced Rarible NFT Protocol📹Agora Streaming & Video Conferencing📆Air Calendar (Full Calendar)Air Chat PluginAir Chat Plugin📅Air Date-Time Picker⌨️Air Keyboard ShortcutAir Native plugin by ZeroqodeAlchemyAlgolia Search V2.0 Plugin for BubbleAny Image CompressorAny Page Parsing PluginApple & Google Pay PluginApple & Google Pay PluginAxel - DeFi Protocols IntegrationAxel - DeFi Protocols IntegrationFull OpenAI GPT-4 Plugin for BubbleBackground Videos PluginBase64, Hash & HMAC EncryptorBasecamp API PluginBox App Storage PluginBox Storage Service AccountBubble Page to PDF Converter PluginBubble’s Google Map Extender PluginCSS Tools PluginCalendar (Drag and Drop)Calendar from GoogleCalendar Time SlotsCelebi - button effects pluginChargebee SubscriptionsCheckbox plus PluginCloudSponge Contact Picker PluginCoinbase API PluginCoinGeckoContent Preloader PluginConvertKit Plugin for MailingConvertico - Convert URL to Image or PDF PluginCreate and Manage SpreadsheetsCustom App Refresh Bar PluginData Sync for Firebase PluginDocuSign ExtendedDown for Maintenance PluginDrag & Drop to Reorder RGDwolla PluginEtsy PluginFace & Touch IDFacebook Login PluginFastest Google Places Autocomplete PluginFirebase Realtime DatabaseFirebase Service Account PluginFull Phantom📈Gantt Charts PluginGeoNames PluginGif Maker / ConvertorGmail - Small Business Plugin for BubbleGoogle Analytics with Webhooks PluginGoogle Calendar Service Account PluginGoogle Calendar plus Offline PluginGoogle Charts PluginGoogle DialogFlow API Service Account PluginGoogle Drive PluginGoogle Drive (Service Acc.) PluginGoogle Login PluginGoogle One Tap PluginGoogle Sheets With Charts Plugin for BubbleGoogle Sheets & Charts Service PluginGoogle Sheets plus Offline PluginHelium Blockchain APIHTML Mailer with Sendgrid PluginImgix image processingInfura Blockchain & Node ServiceLive Geo Tracking PluginMagpie Payment GW PluginMapBox Maps PluginMasterVoice PluginMath.js PluginMetaMask Advanced PluginModular Text & Docs Editor PluginMouse & Element Positions plus Draggable PluginAdvanced Multi Uploader PluginNFTPortOAuth 1.0 API Connector PluginOpenNodeOpenSea - NFT marketplacePayPal Recurring Payments PluginPayPal Recurring Payments PluginPaystack - Payments in NigeriaPinata CloudPlyr - Video Player PluginPodio API Connector PluginPose Detection PluginPrint ProQuickBooks Accounting Sandbox/Production PluginQuickBooks Oauth 2.0 PluginQuickNode - AWS for BlockchainRG Drag SelectQR & Bar Code Reader PluginRepeating Group to CSV PluginReveal & Hide Password PluginSalesForce API PluginSendinBlue SMTP PluginShopify Custom Apps PluginSimple Timer/Countdown & Stopwatch PluginSlide Menu PluginSpotify Embed PluginSoundFX - Effects for Sounds & Music PluginSuper Gradient PluginStripe Marketplace Express PluginStripe Marketplace Express PluginTatumTelegram Login PluginTelegram Bot PluginTheCountable PluginTokbox - Video Chat PluginTop 10 Plugins for Bubble - BundleTruelayer Payments API PluginTwilio Video Calls PluginTwillio API for Whatsapp PluginTwitch - Chat-n-Stream PluginVezgo multi-crypto integrationsVideo Player Plugin for BubbleVideo Recorder Voice Recognition with Actions for Bubble Apps PluginWalkthrough and Onboarding Tour PluginWalletConnect - All Crypto WalletsWasabi Cloud StorageWeb3js for BlockchainsXero Accounting PluginYouTube Full Control Player and APIZQ Fuzzy Search & AutocompleteZeroqode ToolboxZoom Meetings and Webinars Plugin"Excel" Table / Data / GriddoHTML PluginmyAlerts! PluginzapHolders! - Input Placeholders plugin
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