Air Gantt + Funnel + Timeline Chart

Demo to preview the settings


Using this plugin, you have the capability to effortlessly generate dynamic Gantt charts and timelines. This enables you to efficiently strategize and monitor project tasks and milestones. Furthermore, it includes a funnel chart function, ideal for visually representing data, especially when analyzing sales pipelines and conversion rates.

How to setup

This plugin combines 4 different charts that simplify data visualization and project management. Each chart exists as a separate visual element independently from the rest. The charts consume data via the properties and return parameters back into the page as exposed states.
  1. Install the plugin in your project.
  1. Pick the desired element from the toolbar and drag it onto the page.
  1. Open the element's properties and fill in the required fields with data.

The plugin has five elements:

Funnel 1D Chart

Funnel 2D Chart

Funnel chart

Gantt Chart

Timeline Chart