Better Native Tooltip

Demo to preview the settings


Plugin designed to elevate the tooltip experience within your Bubble application. It extends the standard tooltip functionality offered by Bubble by providing additional customization options and advanced features, allowing you to create highly interactive and visually appealing tooltips with ease.

How to setup

Just install the plugin, it works by default.
Many native bubble elements have a built-in β€œTooltip” property like below
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This plugin renders a nicer looking tooltip instead of the native one only by installing it.

Optionally you can change some properties of the tooltip:


The placement of the tooltip of the element
Values: right, left, bottom, top.
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By default plugin adds animation to tooltips, so the only value you can take is the one that turns it off. Value: [bottom, no-animation]
Note! Make sure to put the position first, and the animation config after.
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The plugin ships with 4 themes for the tooltips
Easily switch the theme by putting one of those in the plugin settings. Values: light, light-border, material, translucent.
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