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Implement all of the native features into your Bubble app, then use the Air Native service to convert into Android and iOS when ready to publish.

​About this Plugin

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If you landed on this page, then you are probably thinking of going 📱 mobile, and using all native features an Android or iOS app can provide.
Our Air Native Plugin will help you boost the native experience of your Bubble app, so it feels as close to an Android and iOS app as possible.
Get this plugin from the Bubble's 🛒 marketplace, implement any native feature you prefer, then use the Air Native service to convert your Bubble app into native Android and iOS.
Note: The Air Native Plugin allows you to implement the native features within your Bubble editor, but in order to convert the Bubble app into native Android and iOS, it is required to use the Air Native service.


  • Push Notifications - Send push notifications to notify your app users while their screen is locked.
  • Take Photo - Use your native camera to take photos and upload them to your app.
  • Select Photo - Open the native gallery to select your photos to upload them to your app.
  • Native Header Button - Use the native header with a title and native button to have an experience as close as a native mobile app.
  • Share Media - Share media with your peers, let your friends see your posts.
  • Native Alert - Use a native alert for a better user experience of your native app.
  • Vibrate - Use your phone vibration and device sounds for a better user experience.
  • GPS Tracking - Build your next taxi riding startup with native location tracker on a map.
  • In-app Purchases (iOS) - Use the In-app Purchases feature if you sell digital goods or product subscriptions.
  • In-app Billing (Android) - Use the In-app Billing feature if you sell digital goods or product subscriptions.
  • Touch ID & Face ID - Use the Touch and Face IDs to unlock your phone.
  • Offline Storage * - Use your app in offline mode to preview all the videos, images, audio files, etc. when you're not connected to the Internet.
Tip: * coming soon.


Live demo: Give it a try here for iOS, and here for Android.

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