Air Keyboard Shortcut


This plugin allows you to handle keyboard shortcuts in your bubble applications.

How to use this plugin

Supported Keys For modifier keys, you can use shift, ctrl, alt, or meta.
You can substitute option for alt and command for meta.
Other special keys are backspace, tab, enter, return, capslock, esc, escape, space, pageup, pagedown, end, home, left, up, right, down, ins, del, and plus.
Any other key you should be able to reference by name like a, /, $, *, or =.
Keys that require shift, example ?, are handled magically for you. They should just work.
Cross-platform support The plugin provides a generic mod helper which lets you set cross-platform shortcuts. So if you define a shortcut binding as mod+k, on Mac this ends up mapping to command+s whereas on Windows and Linux it maps to ctrl+s.
Plugin element properties This plugin is a non-visual element. This means when it is added to a page it will not be shown on preview. There are only two fields to set in the element properties as shown below.
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​There are two ways to define shortcut keys
  1. Key combinations This allows you to define shortcut key combinations that must be pressed together. e.g. Use a + to specify the key combination. e.g. ctrl+k. This will allow you to trigger an action when the ctrl and k keys are pressed together Note do not use more than one character key in a combination. If you do the shortcut will be triggered by only that last key specified in the combination. You can use a sequence in that case or use the character key in combination with a special or modifier key.
  1. Key sequence This feature is inspired by Gmail-style shortcuts. If you type each key in order the final one in the sequence will cause the trigger. If you type a key not in the sequence or wait too long the sequence will reset. You specify a sequence by separating the keys with space. e.g. shift a. Or you can even have a complex key sequence like up up down down left right left right b a enter. You can also make a sequence that includes key combinations within it. e.g. g o command+enter : this means that to trigger this shortcut the user has to press g quickly followed by o and then press command and enter together.
Allow globally option By default, the shortcuts will not work in input elements like text input and text areas. But when this option is checked the keyboard shortcut bindings will work in all inputs including text inputs. Use this with caution because it can cause some issues with default keyboard shortcut bindings in inputs.

Plugin setup

1. Install the plugin
2. Add the element to the page.
3. Define the two properties as explained above
4. In the workflow tab add a new event
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5. Choose one of your AirKeyboardShorcuts elements
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6. Define your action as usual

Demo to preview the settings