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Super Gradient Plugin

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Super Gradient

  • Name: Gradient name. Like unique id.

  • Direction: Left right, Diagonal, Top Bottom, Radial.

  • Pause when not in view: Stop the animation when it's not in view?

  • Gradient 1 From: #HEX COLOR.

  • Gradient 1 To: #HEX COLOR.

  • Gradient 2 From: #HEX COLOR.

  • Gradient 2 To: #HEX COLOR.

  • Gradient 3 From: #HEX COLOR.

  • Gradient 3 To: #HEX COLOR.

  • Opacity Gradient 1: Gradient 1 Opacity. From 0 to 1. I.E: 0.5

  • Opacity Gradient 2: Gradient 2 Opacity.

  • Opacity Gradient 3: Gradient 3 Opacity.

  • Round borders: Check to enable rounded borders.

  • Border top left: Check to enable top left border.

  • Border top right: Check to enable top right border.

  • Border bottom left: Check to enable bottom left border.

  • Border bottom right: Check to enable bottom right border.

Demo to preview the settings