Google Drive OAuth Plugin

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Push files to Google Drive using your Users Drive Account both as Base64 or File Type—the easiest way to allow your app to move data independently. Looking to enable your app to transfer data to Google Drive? This plugin lets users upload and manage their files on Google Drive using their accounts, supporting both Base64 and file-type uploads. Since this is the OAuth version, users will log into their Drive accounts to access their files. The plugin capabilities allow for seamless Google Drive integration, enabling users to manage their files efficiently within your app.
Note: This is the OAuth version, your users will sign into their own Drive account's using the plugin then have access to their files.
You must have a developer account with Google to interact with the plugin API. Create your development account at: and also enable Google Drive API in console.

Setting up the plugin

  • Click on the button "ENABLE API AND SERVICES" and add "Google Drive API"
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  • After you add Google Drive API, return back to the “Credentials” page and click on the "Create credentials" button. In the drop down select the "Oauth Client id". When prompted select "Web application
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  • To create the key, please configure as seen below. Copy the Generic redirect URI and paste it in the Google Settings. Pay attention to the latest fields which should be used, also set the authorized origins url from your app. After everything was configured, click Create.
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  • After everything was created new pop-up with will appear, copy the keys from the opened popup and put them in the plugin settings in your app.
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  • The plugin is set, now can be used for all the API Calls and Actions that the plugin provides.

Plugin Data Calls and Actions

Plugin Data Calls

Get User Info

Search/Get Files

Get File Info

Get Image from Drive

Children: list

Children: get

Get list of files inside folder(API v3)

Plugin Action Calls

Delete File

Create a Folder

Upload a File (base64)

Move file to folder

Remove File From Folder

Upload a File

Remove Everyone With Link Permission

Give a User Permission (Write)

Give a User Permission (Read)

Give a User Permission (Commenter)

Give Everyone Permission (Read)

Give Everyone Permission (Write)

Remove Permission Using ID

Update a User’s Permission (Read)

Update a User’s Permission (Write)

Rename file

Children: insert

Children: delete

Get file from Drive

Export file


Update 28.05.24
  • minor update
Update 24.05.24
  • Plugin release