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Get Logo - Data Call


Set up your data source

In this example, we'll use a group to display our data. Since this data call returns an image, the group type of content should be set to image. Also, create a form to capture the necessary parameters:
Image without caption
The group in our above example contains a single image element. This image has the following datasource:
Image without caption

Set up the API call

Now that your group is set up properly, let's configure the workflow action to retrieve the company's logo.
Get data from an external API
Get data from an external API
Map the required inputs next:
Image without caption
Since the greyscale parameter requires a boolean value, we're intentionally checking to see if the value from the static dropdown (two options: yes or no) is yes. If this is true, then true is the value sent in the API call. If it is false, then the User selected no, and false is sent in the API call.
That's it! If a logo can be found with the provided path and parameters, the logo will be displayed in the image element.

Available Path (* indicates a required value)

domain* - Enter the website URL of the company you're searching for.

Available Parameters (* indicates a required value)

size - The size of the returned logo in pixels. If this parameter is blank, the default size returned is 128 pixels.
format - The format of the returned logo in either png or jpg. If this parameter is blank, the default format returned is png.
greyscale - The image is either returned as greyscale or is not. This value should be a true or false value. If this parameter is blank, the logo will not be returned as greyscale.


Update 02.03.23 - Version 1.1.0

  • Updated documentation

Update 15.09.17 - Version 1.0.0

  • Initial Release

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