Firebase Realtime Database


A Realtime Firebase database is a database hosted in the cloud. The data is stored in JSON format and synchronized in real time with each connected client.

The plugin helps you interact with the database from your application by first connecting your account

Prerequisites: You will need a developer account with Firebase API in order interact with the Plugin: https://console.firebase.google.com/

Getting Setup

Go to https://console .firebase.google.com / and create a new project or use the created one, if you have one.

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Follow the instructions and fill in all the necessary fields:

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After the project is created, you can log in to it and go to the database tab:

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The database has a special structure that must be adhered to for proper processing:

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For all API calls, you'll need an Access Token for authorization.

Below is the instruction for obtaining an access token.

  1. In the Firebase console open your app and go to project settings in the settings tab
  2. On the "General" tab, you will see all the necessary information for your plugin.
  3. Copy the Web API Key and paste it into the plugin settings
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Done! Your app is ready to pull & store files!

Data Calls

Get current user data - Get current user info

Action Calls

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Demo to preview the settings