Wavy Element Curves

Demo to preview the settings


Easily add sleek curved edges to bubble elements with our plugin. One-click installation, eight effects, and pure CSS simplicity.
Our Wavy Element Curves plugin allows you to effortlessly incorporate stylish curved edges into your bubble elements. With just a single click, you can install the plugin and start enjoying the benefits of eight different effects. The best part is that achieving these visually appealing curves is as simple as using CSS. No complex coding or design skills required!

How to setup

Install the plugin, then set up your image bubble native element like normal. (Also possible for bubble group)
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In the element properties scroll down until you see ID Attribute.
Here just fill in one of the 9 effects the plugin ships with.

Possible values:

  • wave-effect-1
  • wave-effect-2
  • wave-effect-3
  • wave-effect-4
  • wave-effect-5
  • wave-effect-6
  • wave-effect-7
  • wave-effect-8
  • wave-effect-9
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