Firebase Service Account Plugin

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Imagine if your app had its own Firebase. You could use Firebase without a user being signed in with their account!
Note: This is the JSON WEB Token authentication version, users will access the Service Account Firebase. For the information on how to obtain Service Account Keys for this plugin, please read here:
For using the plugin you'll need to get the API credentials with JWT for Google. Create your development account at: and enable the Firebase API , Admin SDK API.

Setting up Google Account and Bubble Plugin

1) First of all we need to register a Google Service Account with JWT (link) and obtain:

a) Iss (account email): [your-account-name]@[google-project-name]
b) Private Key:
c) Realtime Database Auth Secret: yourkey4EJ23xxyckdLzMIVSgFlW9lVRcYIqyb214d

2) Install the plugin Firebase Service Account and fill out the plugin settings with the information above.

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3) Next you can use all the API Calls and Actions that the plugin provides.

For calls you’ll need next keys:
  1. Auth - This secret is found in your Firebase console under service accounts then database secrets.
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2. Project ID - It’s the identifier of your Firebase project.
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3. Database - name of your Realtime database
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Plugin Data Calls / Actions

Signup a User Sign a User In Sign in anonymously Update User Profile / Get Password Hash Get User Data Set User Email/Password Delete User
Realtime Database Public Update Realtime Database PUBLIC READ Realtime Database PUBLIC DELETE Realtime Database PUBLIC Add
Realtime Database AUTH READ Realtime Database AUTH WRITE Realtime Database AUTH DELETE Realtime Database AUTH UPDATE


Update: 10/16/2022 – Version 1.6.0

  • minor fixes