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Easily record a video/audio with this plugin. It will activate a webcam or mobile camera to record a video. The plugin comes with settings like a max recording length as well as max file size (MB) for saving the recording in the database. Additionally, it allows saving the video in AWS and Wasabi. With its actions, it is possible to start, stop and pause/resume and reset the video.

How To Setup

Place plugin element on the page.

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Enable file uload​​.

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Add button to the page.

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Set workflow for this button.

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Add button to the page.

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And set workflow.

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And save URL to bubble data.

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Plugin element properties

The main element and only plugin element. It shows, records, and saves captured from the camera track.

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Plugin fields

  • Enable Logs - Show in console information about recording status

Plugin Actions

1. Start Recording

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  • File name - File name of the record used for saving. File extension is set automatically.
  • Autosave - Automatically save to bubble or download record (depends on settings) after stopping the record.
  • Save to Bubble - If is "yes", the record will be saved to bubble, else will be downloaded".
  • Max Recording Lenght - Max length of the record in seconds.

2. Stop Recording

Get track from the camera and record it.

You must turn on the camera before recording.

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3. Start Camera

Enable camera

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  • With Microphone - Enable microphone in record.
  • Front - If a selected type of camera is available it will be used, else will be used first detected camera​.

3. Stop Camera

Disable camera

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4. Pause\Resume Recording

Pause or resume recording

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5. Save Record

Save the record to one of the storages

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  • Save to - Storage where to save the recording.
  • Fileds for storages - The fields below are used to save to AWS or Wasabi.
  • Bucket Name - The bucket name to which the file was uploaded.
  • Bucket Region - Your bucket region.Private fileUpload file as private.​

6. Reset Record

Delete the last record in the plugin

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Plugin Exposed States

​TitleDescriptionTypeVideo sizeSize of Recording in bytesNumberRecording lenghtLenght of recording in secondsNumberRecording statusReturn text explanation of the current status of recording TextVideo URLURL of uploaded videorecord from storageFileDevice SupportedIdicates if current device is supportedYes or NoPausedIndicates if recording is pausedYes or NoRecordingIndicates if recording is startedYes or No




Video size

Size of Recording in bytes


Recording lenght

Lenght of recording in seconds


Recording status

Return text explanation of the current status of recording


Video URL

URL of uploaded videorecord from storage


Device Supported

Idicates if current device is supported

Yes or No


Indicates if recording is paused

Yes or No


Indicates if recording is started

Yes or No

How to set keys for AWS or Wasabi


Visit wasabi.com to sign up for their service, you will get an email with link to your console. In your Wasabi console go to Billing->Payment settings then add your Payment method. While you do receive a month free trial to upload private files, a paid account is required to upload public files.

Next, go to the Access Keys page & create a new access key.

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Insert the access key/secret from the plugins tab.​

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For setup uploading to AWS account please read our AWS Uploader documentation.


Update 20.01.22 - Version 1.3.0

  • Added action "Take a photo"

Demo to preview the settings

Updated 20 Apr 2022
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