MasterVoice Plugin

MasterVoice Introduction

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Language: Select the speaker/listener language.

Default: en-US


  • Afrikaans af

  • Basque eu

  • Bulgarian bg

  • Catalan ca

  • Arabic (Egypt) ar-EG

  • Arabic (Jordan) ar-JO

  • Arabic (Kuwait) ar-KW

  • Arabic (Lebanon) ar-LB

  • Arabic (Qatar) ar-QA

  • Arabic (UAE) ar-AE

  • Arabic (Morocco) ar-MA

  • Arabic (Iraq) ar-IQ

  • Arabic (Algeria) ar-DZ

  • Arabic (Bahrain) ar-BH

  • Arabic (Lybia) ar-LY

  • Arabic (Oman) ar-OM

  • Arabic (Saudi Arabia) ar-SA

  • Arabic (Tunisia) ar-TN

  • Arabic (Yemen) ar-YE

  • Czech cs

  • Dutch nl-NL

  • English (Australia) en-AU

  • English (Canada) en-CA

  • English (India) en-IN

  • English (New Zealand) en-NZ

  • English (South Africa) en-ZA

  • English(UK) en-GB

  • English(US) en-US

  • Finnish fi

  • French fr-FR

  • Galician gl

  • German de-DE

  • Greek el-GR

  • Hebrew he

  • Hungarian hu

  • Icelandic is

  • Italian it-IT

  • Indonesian id

  • Japanese ja

  • Korean ko

  • Latin la

  • Mandarin Chinese zh-CN

  • Traditional Taiwan zh-TW

  • Simplified China zh-CN ?

  • Simplified Hong Kong zh-HK

  • Yue Chinese (Traditional Hong Kong) zh-yue

  • Malaysian ms-MY

  • Norwegian no-NO

  • Polish pl

  • Pig Latin xx-piglatin

  • Portuguese pt-PT

  • Portuguese (Brasil) pt-BR

  • Romanian ro-RO

  • Russian ru

  • Serbian sr-SP

  • Slovak sk

  • Spanish (Argentina) es-AR

  • Spanish (Bolivia) es-BO

  • Spanish (Chile) es-CL

  • Spanish (Colombia) es-CO

  • Spanish (Costa Rica) es-CR

  • Spanish (Dominican Republic) es-DO

  • Spanish (Ecuador) es-EC

  • Spanish (El Salvador) es-SV

  • Spanish (Guatemala) es-GT

  • Spanish (Honduras) es-HN

  • Spanish (Mexico) es-MX

  • Spanish (Nicaragua) es-NI

  • Spanish (Panama) es-PA

  • Spanish (Paraguay) es-PY

  • Spanish (Peru) es-PE

  • Spanish (Puerto Rico) es-PR

  • Spanish (Spain) es-ES

  • Spanish (US) es-US

  • Spanish (Uruguay) es-UY

  • Spanish (Venezuela) es-VE

  • Swedish sv-SE

  • Turkish tr

  • Zulu zu

Start Paused: Start with the mic paused.


Add word to Voice workflow

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  • word: The "word" that will be listened and will trigger the voice plugin.
  • return: "word/value" that will be returned when the previous word is detected.

Tip: You can add words, on page load event.

Add tag word to Voice workflow

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  • word: The "word" that will be listened and will trigger the voice plugin. In tag works differently as normal add word. So example, if we want to add a listener to all sentences they start like: -Show me "word", in this case, we will add a word "show me". And the rest that doesn't match in the word value will be returned as the value.

You can add word tags, on page load event.


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  • Starts or resumes the Voice element.


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  • Pause the Voice element from listening words but doesn't close the mic


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  • Stop the Voice element closing the mic.


A very important part of this plugin is the exposed states. Because this is how you will do things in your app when something happens (some word is detected). You can access inside the voice element to the exposed states.

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So a way to trigger when a word is said is creating a Do when condition is true... select the voice element, use the Return word (to get the returned word from "Add word to voice element") or use the Return tag (to get the returned tag word from "Add word tag to voice element").

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We recommend using custom states to play more complex scenarios.

The plugin is not compatible with iOS Operating System.

Demo to preview the settings

Updated 15 Jun 2022
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