CSV & TXT File Creator

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Create simple TXT and CSV files directly in the browser.
βœ… Performant solution
βœ… Works in all browsers
βœ… No arbitrary limits With the help of the native bubble:format as text operator, it’s possible to create TXT and CSV files quickly and easily using this plugin.

How to setup

Create a TXT file

You can use any type of (plain) text with the plugin. Adding an enter (newline) equates to adding a newline in the output file. A great way to use the plugin is using the bubble:format as text operator to export lists into TXT format like below.
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Create a CSV file

For CSV files the process is similar - you just simply format the values in the way you want and add a comma , character between each value. As for the Delimiter you can simply press enter ↩️ once. This will ensure that each content item will show up on a single line.
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Make sure that your values don’t contain any commas, or characters! If you need to use values with comma you can opt to put a semicolon between each value ; instead of a comma.
If you want to add a header row to your CSV here’s a little trick you can use. Create an Option Set and add options for each column in your data. I would call the option set Column. Then simply put the :each item's Display on the first line, hit enter ↩️ again and put the:format as text operation on the line below it. This ensures that your CSV will be formatted properly.

Plugin Action Properties

1. Create File