Air Chart Pro: 182 Premium Charts

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This plugin provides 182 customizable charts that help you to create beautiful and interactive visualizations for the app. The plugin elements are optimized and developed with many useful options. Each element has a variety of actions and events that allow the creation of user-friendly functionality. Plugin provides customization for the Background grid color, Zoom selection color/opacity/stroke, Summed data tables on the stacked chart, 2nd Y-Axis color/border/title. Check out the range of this plugin’s possibilities below.
Supported Chart Elements:
Line Chart
Mixed Chart (Line/Area/Bar)
Heatmap Chart
Area Chart
Boxplot Chart
Treemap Chart
Bar Chart
Timeline Chart
Pie/Donut Chart
Candlestick Chart
Range Area Chart
Radar Chart
Radial Chart
Bubble Chart
Scutter Chart
Polar Chart
Waterfall Chart
Funnel 1D Chart
Funnel 2D Chart
Sankey Chart
Supported chart types:
1. Line Chart 2. Line Chart (multiple series) 3. Stacked Line Chart (multiple series) 4. Straight Line Chart 5. Smoothed Line Chart 6. Stepped Line Chart 7. Straight Line Chart (multiple series) 8. Smoothed Line Chart (multiple series) 9. Stepped Line Chart (multiple series) 10. Dashed Line Chart 11. Dashed Line Chart (multiple series) 12. Line Chart with forecast 13. Line Chart with forecast (multiple series) 14. Single axis Line Chart 15. Double axis Line Chart 16. Single axis Line Chart (multiple series) 17. Double axis Line Chart (multiple series) 18. Triple axis Line Chart (multiple series) 19. Annotated Line Chart 20. Annotated Line Chart (multiple series) 21. Synchronized Line Charts 22. Synchronized Line Charts (multiple series) 23. Area Chart 24. Area Chart (multiple series) 25. Stacked Area Chart (multiple series) 26. Straight Area Chart 27. Smoothed Area Chart 28. Stepped Area Chart 29. Straight Area Chart (multiple series) 30. Smoothed Area Chart (multiple series) 31. Stepped Area Chart (multiple series) 32. Dashed Area Chart 33. Dashed Area Chart (multiple series) 34. Area Chart with forecast 35. Area Chart with forecast (multiple series) 36. Single axis Area Chart 37. Double axis Area Chart 38. Single axis Area Chart (multiple series) 39. Double axis Area Chart (multiple series) 40. Triple axis Area Chart (multiple series) 41. Annotated Area Chart 42. Annotated Area Chart (multiple series) 43. Synchronized Area Charts 44. Synchronized Area Charts (multiple series) 45. Bar Chart 46. Bar Chart (multiple series) 47. Stacked Bar Chart (multiple series) 48. 100% Stacked Bar Chart (multiple series) 49. Vertical Stacked Bar Chart (multiple series) 50. Horizontal Stacked Bar Chart (multiple series) 51. Vertical 100% Stacked Bar Chart (multiple series) 52. Horizontal 100% Stacked Bar Chart (multiple series) 53. Single axis Bar Chart 54. Double axis Bar Chart 55. Single axis Bar Chart (multiple series) 56. Double axis Bar Chart (multiple series) 57. Triple axis Bar Chart (multiple series) 58. Annotated Bar Chart 59. Annotated Bar Chart (multiple series) 60. Synchronized Bar Charts 61. Synchronized Bar Charts (multiple series) 62. Heatmap Chart 63. Heatmap Chart (multiple series) 64. Monochrome Heatmap Chart 65. Monochrome Heatmap Chart (multiple series) 66. Multicolor Heatmap Chart (multiple series) 67. Color ranged Heatmap Chart 68. Color ranged Heatmap Chart (multiple series) 69. Single axis Heatmap Chart 70. Double axis Heatmap Chart 71. Single axis Heatmap Chart (multiple series) 72. Double axis Heatmap Chart (multiple series) 73. Annotated Heatmap Chart 74. Annotated Heatmap Chart (multiple series) 75. Treemap Chart 76. Treemap Chart (multiple series) 77. Monochrome Treemap Chart 78. Monochrome Treemap Chart (multiple series) 79. Multicolor Treemap Chart (multiple series) 80. Color ranged Treemap Chart 81. Color ranged Treemap Chart (multiple series) 82. Pie Chart 83. Monochrome Pie Chart 84. Multicolor Pie Chart 85. Semi Pie Chart 86. Donut Chart 87. Monochrome Donut Chart 88. Multicolor Donut Chart 89. Semi Donut Chart 90. Radar Chart 91. Radar Chart (multiple series) 92. Radial Chart 93. Monochrome Radial Chart 94. Multicolor Radial Chart 95. Semi Radial Chart 96. Semi Monochrome Radial Chart 97. Semi Multicolor Radial Chart 98. Bubble Chart 99. Bubble Chart (multiple series) 100. Single axis Bubble Chart 101. Double axis Bubble Chart 102. Single axis Bubble Chart (multiple series) 103. Double axis Bubble Chart (multiple series) 104. Annotated Bubble Chart 105. Annotated Bubble Chart (multiple series) 106. Scatter Chart 107. Scatter Chart (multiple series) 108. Single axis Scatter Chart 109. Double axis Scatter Chart 110. Single axis Scatter Chart (multiple series) 111. Double axis Scatter Chart (multiple series) 112. Annotated Scatter Chart 113. Annotated Scatter Chart (multiple series) 114. Polar Chart 115. Monochrome Polar Chart 116. Multicolor Polar Chart 117. Waterfall Chart 118. Single axis Waterfall Chart 119. Double axis Waterfall Chart 120. Annotated Waterfall Chart 121. Horizontal 1D Funnel Chart 122. Vertical 1D Funnel Chart 123. Horizontal 2D Funnel Chart 124. Vertical 2D Funnel Chart 125. Horizontal Sankey Chart 126. Vertical Sankey Chart 127. BoxPlot Chart 128. BoxPlot Chart with Scatter 129. Single axis BoxPlot Chart 130. Single axis BoxPlot Chart with Scatter 131. Double axis BoxPlot Chart 132. Double axis BoxPlot Chart with Scatter 133. Candlestick Chart 134. Single axis Candlestick Chart 135. Double axis Candlestick Chart 136. Mixed Chart (single series) 137. Mixed Chart (multiple series) [Line/Area/Bar] 138. Straight Mixed Chart [for Line/Area] 139. Smoothed Mixed Chart [for Line/Area] 140. Stepped Mixed Chart [for Line/Area] 141. Straight Mixed Chart (multiple series) [for Line/Area] 142. Smoothed Mixed Chart (multiple series) [for Line/Area] 143. Stepped Mixed Chart (multiple series) [for Line/Area] 144. Dashed Mixed Chart [for Line/Area] 145. Dashed Mixed Chart (multiple series) [for Line/Area] 146. Mixed Chart with forecast 147. Mixed Chart with forecast (multiple series) 148. Single axis Mixed Chart 149. Double axis Mixed Chart 150. Single axis Mixed Chart (multiple series) 151. Double axis Mixed Chart (multiple series) 152. Triple axis Mixed Chart (multiple series) 153. Synchronized Mixed Charts 154. Synchronized Mixed Charts (multiple series) 155. Range Area Chart 156. Range Area Chart (multiple series) 157. Stacked Range Area Chart (multiple series) 158. Straight Range Area Chart 159. Smoothed Range Area Chart 160. Stepped Range Area Chart Straight 161. Range Area Chart (multiple series) 162. Smoothed Range Area Chart (multiple series) 163. Stepped Range Area Chart (multiple series) 164. Dashed Range Area Chart 165. Dashed Range Area Chart (multiple series) 166. Single axis Range Area Chart 167. Double axis Range Area Chart 168. Single axis Range Area Chart (multiple series) 169. Double axis Range Area Chart (multiple series) 170. Triple axis Range Area Chart (multiple series) 171. Annotated Range Area Chart 172. Annotated Range Area Chart (multiple series) 173. Synchronized Range Area Charts 174. Synchronized Range Area Charts (multiple series) 175. Timeline Chart 176. Timeline Chart (multiple series) 177. Single axis Timeline Chart 178. Single axis Timeline Chart (multiple series) 179. Double axis Timeline Chart 180. Double axis Timeline Chart (multiple series) 181. Annotated Timeline Chart 182. Annotated Timeline Chart (multiple series)

How to setup

Place the required elements on the page and fill in the fields. You can find a more detailed configuration of each element on the plugin demo page.

Plugin Elements Properties

This plugin has 21 (twenty-one) visual elements which can be used on the page.

1. Line Chart

2. Area Chart

3. Bar Chart

4. Mixed Chart (Line/Area/Bar)

5. BoxPlot Chart

6. Candlestick Chart

7. Timeline Chart