HTML Mailer with Sendgrid Plugin


Send HTML Emails using your SendGrid Key.


You must have a Sendgrid Developer account in order to interact with the plugin. If you donโ€™t have any of the accounts, you can easily create one for SendGrid Developer platform -
Note: It is required for customers to verify their Sender Identities for Sendgrid Service:
The previous plugin version supported sending emails using Gmail. Currently due to Google updates this feature is no longer available.

How to setup

Getting API Keys with SendGrid

  1. Create a new account or use the created one in the SendGrid platform https://app.sendgrid.comโ€‹
Click the Settings tab(1), then click the "API Keys" tab(2), then click the "Create API Key" button(3).
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2. Enter your API key name and select permission (Full access recommended).
NOTE: Copy the API key and save it before the window closes. You cannot get it one more time.
3. Enter the API Key in the same field in the plugin's settings
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4. After these actions you can use the "SendGrid Mailer" action and send the mail with HTML body and/or attachments via SendGrid service.

Plugin Actions

SendGrid Mailer - action used to send html mail. The action fields available:
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Update 08/12/2020 - Version 1.3.0
  • Added new possibilities for using CC, BCC, Reply-to, and attachments. Added a new element for logging into Google
Update 17/06/2022 - Version 1.9.0
  • Fixed a problem with the attached files
Update 12/09/22 - Version 1.10.0.
  • Removed HTML mailer for Google mailer.
Update 15/09/2022 - Version 1.11.0
  • Fixed action โ€œSendGrid Mailerโ€
Update 20.09.22 - Version 1.12.0
  • Minor fixes
Update 11.07.23 - Version 1.18.0
  • Minor update
Update 31.10.23 - Version 1.21.0
  • Upgrade to version 4
Update 13.02.23 - Version 1.22.0
  • Added a new field โ€œSender Name" in the SendGrid Mailer action

Demo to preview the settings