Air Date/Time Picker

Demo to preview the settings


A very beautiful lightweight cross-browser date/time picker. Huge set of customization with multi-date and range support. Responsive and accessibility friendly.
Use this plugin to unobtrusively add a date/time picker into your app. It makes it easier to help visitors quickly select dates, times, and/or date ranges on the booking, schedule, and event calendar web apps.
A huge set of customization with multi-date and range support, and responsive and accessibility friendly.
It works in all modern browsers: IE 10+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari 8+, Opera 17+.
Please visit the plugin forum thread: for more details about the updates

How to setup

Place the element on the page and fill in the fields. You can find a more detailed configuration of the element on the plugin demo page.
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Plugin Elements Properties

The plugin contains an Air Date/Time Picker input form which can be used on a page.

Air Date/Time Picker

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Element Fields

Air Date/Time Picker: Actions

Show picker

Shows calendar.
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Hide picker

Hide calendar.
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Change view

Sets the new value of the calendar view.
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New View
Type of calendar view
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Clear selected dates

Clears all selected dates and resets all states
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Goes to the next month/year/decade.
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Goes to the prev month/year/decade.
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Air Date/Time Picker v2: Exposed states

Plugin States are part of plugins that are exposed values of the plugin.
Selected date
Selected single date
Selected range
Selected dates range
Date Range
Selected range as list
Selected dates range as a list of dates
List of Dates
Selected multiple dates
Selected multiple dates
List of Dates
Current view
Current picker view
Is Visible
Is the piker visible

Element Events

Element events - are events that are part of the plugin element.
Value change
An event that is triggered when selecting a date.
View change
When changing the view, for example, from days to months, this event will be triggered.
Triggered when the calendar appears.
Triggered when closing the calendar.