Advanced Rarible NFT Protocol

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This plugin is much more lightweight and robust than the previous version of Rarible SDK. Creating NFT Marketplace with Rarible SDK is super easy. The plugin comes with 51 API calls to get various data and a Rarible SDK element with 9 different actions such as Create collection, Mint, Create Order, Cancel Order, Fill Order, Transfer, Burn, Connect Tezos Wallet and Disconnect Tezos Wallet.
Compatible with the Advanced Metamask and Pinata- NFT storage on IPFS plugins.


To interact with the Rarible plugin, you will need an additional installation of the Pinata plugin and Metamask. You will also need the accounts. Pinata - Metamask -
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Rarible SDK

Rarible API


  • Update 26.02.2024 - Version 1.22.0.  Added "Get NFT Collections volume" action. Removed "get collection leaderboard", "get trending collections" actions