TheCountable Plugin


theCountable is a plugin to add live paragraph-, word- and character-counting to your input bubble Elements!

Plugin element

The plugin contains Countable visual element which should be used on page.
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  • ID: Target any input element id.
  • Limit characters: Limit characters -- Checked = Yes
  • Max characters: The maximum characters If Limit characters are checked. (Note: spaces also count as a character)
When you have an element target, you can use the exposed state to get the values of the input.

Plugin States

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Update: 06/10/20 - Version 1.4.0
  • Added Plugin element action Get Countable Values.
This action should be used to get values for the registered on the Countable element input once. It is useful when the input element contains dynamic data, which is not set by Bubble immediately.
Make sure to use the ‘Only when Input’s value is not empty’ condition for such cases. For example, if you have dynamic values in your input and want to get the Countable values for it when the page is loaded, use the workflow conditions ‘Page is loaded’ and ‘Only when Input’s value is not empty’ to call the Get Countable Values action.
Update: 13/08/21 - Version 1.7.0
  • Added a new field for choosing a parameter of restrictions.
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Update: 24/08/21 - Version 1.8.0
  • Added the possibility to change max characters.
Update: 13/09/23 - Version 1.14.0
  • Minor updates
Update: 20/02/24 - Version 1.17.0
  • Fixed bug: Abbreviations counted as a sentence
Update: 20/02/24 - Version 1.18.0
  • Added a minimum limit of 2 words to be counted as a sentence

Demo to preview the settings