Fingerprint #ip addressdevice

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Elevate your Bubble app's security with the Fingerprint #ipaddressdevice Plugin. This advanced plugin enhances user authentication by leveraging unique device characteristics and IP addresses, providing a seamless method for identifying and securing user sessions. Its non-intrusive fingerprinting technology ensures a secure environment by detecting and preventing unauthorized access and potential fraud.
The plugin operates by automatically capturing device-specific data and IP information to create a distinctive user fingerprint. This approach not only bolsters your app's security but also streamlines the user experience by reducing the need for repeated logins. It's an efficient solution for maintaining high security without compromising user convenience.
Incorporating the Fingerprint #ipaddressdevice Plugin into your Bubble application adds a robust layer of security and facilitates a smoother user interface. It's an essential tool for developers aiming to enhance their app's authentication processes and protect user data with cutting-edge technology.

How to setup

  1. Install plugin Fingerprint #ip addressdevice
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  1. Place the Fingerprint element on the page
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Plugin Element Properties

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β˜‘οΈ Automatically detect fingerprint
If checked, the plugin will automatically detect and resolve the device fingerprint and expose it as a state. If you want to trigger the detection manually instead, uncheck this box, this is useful to avoid to add a useless script to your page.

Element actions

1) Get current device fingerprint

Element events

A Fingerprint Unique Fingerprint is Ready βœ…
Triggers when the device fingerprint was received


Update 23.03.24 - Version 1.2.0

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Update 08.03.24 - Version 1.1.0

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Update 08.12.23- Version 1.0.10

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Update 17.08.23 - Version 1.0.9

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Update 17.08.23 - Version 1.0.8

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Update 10.08.23 - Version 1.0.7

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Update 03.08.23 - Version 1.0.6

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Update 20.08.23 - Version 1.0.5

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Update 08.07.22 - Version 1.0.4

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Update 08.10.21 - Version 1.0.0

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