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QuickBooks Authenticate Plugin

Link to plugin page:

Getting started:

  • Once your logged in, click 'My Apps' & then 'Create new app'.

  • Click 'Select API's' in the 'Just start coding section' then select 'Accounting' & 'Create app'.

  • Navigate to the 'Settings' tab & fill in the fields similar to the below

Dont forget to click save!

  • Navigate to the 'Keys' tab, in BOTH 'Redirect URI' sections add your app's redirect URL.

Your Redirect URL in most cases will be,

  • Navigate to the 'Dashboard' tab, find Resources section, and click on OAuth Playground, see in image below.

  • Select your app form the list.

  • Select all scopes that you need, then click on the "Get authorization code" button.

  • Will be opened a new page where you will be asked to Authorize Intuit to securely share your data, click Connect.

  • You will be redirected back, after that click "Get tokens" button.

  • On the right side will be shown results, select all "Authorziation" key from there, together with "Basic" word, see in example below.

Authorization key example: Basic UTBIenl2UVNrSDdrdzhINnFrbU9sMHVtWEhvS09hYjRmd2Njc21scEF1VHluLEVjOHE6dFhwLlZOazdpUWx4oAjRsTuIyNfCMHd1V25Fd1BublJJZ2l0ZXFkQw==

  • Place your Authorization key into the plugin's settings in your app in first field.

  • On the same page open section 4, "Refresh access token", and copy the refresh token.

  • In your app, go to Data and create new type, call it how you want, I called it Quickooks Token and added new entry called Old refresh token, there paste your Refresh Token.

This is how it looks like:

We have to do it just once.

  • Now create an event in workflow, for example when page is loaded, to GET NEW ACCESS TOKEN, and save results in a custom state, then save REFRESH TOKEN in your data.


Now you don't have to worry about your refresh token, it will be renewed automatically.

You are ready to use this plugin !

Example of use:

Let's take Company Details:

  • Insert company id which is "Realm ID" , you can get on the same page where you got refresh token, find it on section 2, see example below:

  • Next we need to get access token, for that, in Authorization field select from API provider, "GET NEW ACCESS TOKEN" and select access_token after.

You will notice the word "Bearer" there, leave it there and insert access token after it !


Check the demo setup previews, in order to get a better idea on how it is set!

Demo to preview the settings