Google Calendar Service Account Plugin

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Introducing the Google Calendar (Service Acc.) plugin, a powerful tool that allows you to integrate Google Calendar functionality into your application without requiring user sign-ins. With this plugin, you can easily set up a fully functional and customizable calendar system tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need to display events, create new events, or manage calendars, this plugin provides a seamless solution. Enjoy the convenience of accessing Google Calendar data directly within your application, opening up a wide range of possibilities for the organization.
NOTE: This is the JSON WEB Token authentication version, users will access the Service Account Google Calendar.For the information on how to obtain Service Account Keys for a Service Acc. plugin, please read here:


For using the plugin you'll need to get the API credentials with JWT for Google . Create your development account at : and enable the Google Calendar API , Admin SDK API.
In your GSuite Admin Console ( enable Google Calendar.

Visual Elements

Plugin comes with Google Calendar Visual Element. (Optional)
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Setting up Google Account and Bubble Plugin

1) First of all we need to register a Google Service Account with JWT (link) and obtain:

a) Iss (account email): [your-account-name]@[google-project-name]
b) Private Key:

2) Enable Google Calendar in GSuite Admin and set your settings and preferences for calendar

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3) Install the plugin Google Calendar (Service Acc.) and fill out the inputs with the information above (keys from Google Developer Console).

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4) Next it is possible use all the API Calls and Actions that the plugin provides.

Plugin Data Calls and Actions

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