Gmail - Small Business Plugin for Bubble


Format & Send HTML Emails With Attachments! Create a Gmail Client App from scratch, Change Email folder names, and moves Emails between them. Create a draft or Send an Email, Reply to an email, Add/Remove Trash Items or Delete immediately.

Setting up

Setup Google Developers Console

  1. 1.
    Sign in to Google Console:
  2. 2.
    Create a new project
2. Give it a name and indicate Organization (if exists)
3. Go to Library and add enable Gmail API
4. Before generating Keys - configure Consent Screen
Here is an example of how the Convent Screen can be configured:
  • choose user type:
  • add App information:
  • add app domain and developer contact info:
5. Create OAuth Client ID credentials
Go to Credentials > Create credentials > choose OAith client ID
In the Application type field choose "Web application", and don't forget to indicate Authorized redirect URIs (it should be the standard generic redirect
6. Publish your app in the OAuth Consent screen section, to make it work:
7. Paste keys into your app, to the proper fields:
8. Activate the checkbox "Use a generic redirect URL".

Plugin Data Calls and Actions

Plugin Data Calls

Plugin Actions


Demo to preview the settings

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