Template Setup Guides

Box App Storage Plugin

Link to plugin page: https://zeroqode.com/plugin/boxcom-storage-user-oauth-1534161002813x116284923343536130

Getting Setup:

  1. Head to https://developer.box.com/ & signup as a developer.

  2. Once your signed up & logged in, navigate to your Dev console.

Your Dev Console's URL will be - https://YOUR-APP-NAME.app.box.com/developers/console


You can access it from this menu:

3. Now you can click 'Create New App' & start your integration. After you click 'Create New App' select 'Custom':

4. Select the Authentication Method 'App Token (Server Authentication)'.

5. Now give your integration a name.

6. Click the first 'Generate Key' Button for the primary key.

You must at this point complete 2FA signup to continue.

7. Once 2FA is finished, generate your key and set its expiry.

8. Now the primary key is ready to be copied into the BOX Plugin.

Done! - Your app is ready to pull & store files in BOX within minutes!

Demo to preview the settings