Top 6 Plugins for Bubble - Bundle

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This plugin is a set of 6 most popular Zeroqode plugins:
  • Stripe Marketplace
  • #1 AWS File uploader - Any size,
  • Air Calendar,
  • Advanced Rich Text Editor,
  • Phone input number with formatting,
  • and Mapbox Maps
All in one. Subscribe to one plugin and get 6 plugins. The bundle contains plugin elements each with their actions, that match the plugins included in this bundle. You can easily find the necessary plugin element and action by its name.
This plugin is a great addition to any Bubble application. It contains the most commonly used and popular Zeroqode plugins that will provide great value to your apps. 
For example, the Stripe Marketplace Express plugin is often used for payment processing. 
Or #1 AWS File uploader - Any size plugin to upload files of any type to your own AWS S3 storage to bypass Bubble's file size limits and avoid paying high rates to Bubble. 
If you see this plugin in a Zeroqode template it doesn't necessarily mean that the template won't work without it, please check template documentation for details.

How to setup

The Bundle comes with appropriate plugins elements and their actions and events. In order to see how a particular plugin is configured please refer to their documentation below:
  1. Stripe:
  1. Ar Calendar:
  1. #1 AWS File uploader - Any size:
  1. Advanced Rich Text Editor:
  1. Mapbox Map:
  1. Phone number input with formatting: since there is no documentation for this plugin, please refer to its Editor Demo page for settings:


Update 21.04.22 - Version 1.5.0
  • Fixed popup appearing when the description is not set
Update 8.07.22 - Version 1.6.0.
Air Calendar:
  • fixed missed fields in the Air calendar
Update 18.08.22 - Version 1.7.0.
  • Fixed toolbar position - bottom
Update 22.08.22 - Version 1.8.0 Advanced Rich Text Editor:
  • Added default font option.
  • Fixed selecting font on Lite RTE
Update 25.08.22 - Version 1.10.0
Mapbox Map:
  • Fixed "Set directions" action
Advanced Rich Text Editor:
  • Fixed "focus" action in RTE Lite element
Update 25.08.22 - Version 1.13.0
Advanced Rich Text Editor:
  • Fixed "focus" action in RTE Lite element
  • added possibility to change data type - "text" for mentions and hashtags
  • fixed font and added option to select default font. Removed "null" from the hashtag list in RTE
Update 08.09.22  - Version 1.14.0
Advanced Rich Text Editor:
  • fixed image pasting in RTE when "Upload to AWS" is enabled - RTE
Update 16.09.22  - Version 1.15.0
  • Fixed action "Add List of Markers" - Mapbox
Update 20.09.22  - Version 1.16.0
  • Minor fixes
Update 28.09.22 - Version: 1.17.0.
  • Fixed event "AWS Uploading is finished"
  • added "Display text title only" field
Update 03.10.22 - Version: 1.18.0
  • minor fixes - File Uploader
Update 05.10.22  - Version 1.19.0
Advanced Rich Text Editor:
  • improved auto-detect of hyperlinks
Update 11.10.22 - Version 1.20.0
Phone Number Input:
  • Updating to a libphonenumber 8.12.56
Update 20.10.22 - Version 1.22.0
Stripe Marketplace Express:
  • Added “Creating separate charges and transfers”.
  • Fixed “Create a subscription” and “Update a subscription” actions.
  • Added “Zoom Level” state.
Update 27.10.22 - Version 1.23.0
  • Fixed "Zoom Level" state
Update 05.11.22 - Version 1.24.0
  • Fixed "Draw polygon" action
Update 14.11.22 - Version 1.25.0
Stripe Marketplace Express:
  • Fixed the "Create a transfer" action
Update 16.11.22 - Version 1.26.0
  • Added “MultiPolygon” option in the “Create line” action and added "Travel length (km)" state.
Update 19.11.22 - Version: 1.27.0.
AWS File Uploader:
  • Added "FileName Original" and "List of FileNames Original" states - AWS
Update 28.11.22 - Version: 1.28.0
AWS File Uploader:
  • Fixed Crop pop-up