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Repeating Group to CSV Plugin

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Exporting your data from your application will be now much easier with our CSV export. This Zeroqode plugin will save every row in selected repeating group into downloadable CSV file with a single click. It will contain same fields in the same order as they appear in the repeating group.

Exposed States

URL for downloading - type text.

Available Actions

Download CSV.

Download CSV action have few fields that have their impact on the output file.

  1. Insert RG ID - dynamic value of type text. Insert repeating group id for convert it to CSV format.

  2. Table captions from - dropdown with options (Group, Manually). If Group is selected, the caption for columns will be bubble group id. If Manually will be selected, the caption for columns will be manually inserted in Captions (group ID).

  3. Captions (group ID) - dynamic value of type text. It make sense if in step above selected Manually.

  4. File Name - dynamic value of type text. Output file name.

  5. Separator - static text. Separator for csv properties, by default it is a comma ‘,’.

  6. Content surrounded - static text. Entire the csv content surrounded in, by default there are double quotes ‘“‘.

  7. Enable Captions(headers) - checkbox. Enable captions for csv columns content.

  8. csv_ignored - is the ID Attribute required to be used while opting out of a field from Repeating Group.

Once you trigger this workflow action, the plugin will process the repeating group and then return a state with the download url with CSV named file.

The plugin downloads only the data that is fully loaded and visible in Repeating Group available on page.

Demo to preview the settings