Bubble's Google Map Extender Plugin

This plugin adds abilities to add layers, switch to 3d mode, track live, show directions, track route, display KML & more with bubble’s default map.

Plugin Fields:

1. Google Map ID - put in your google map element id.

2. Initial Latitude - put in initial latitude.

3. Initial Longitude - put in initial longitude.

4. Initial Zoom - put in initial zoom.

Plugin States:

1. Map as URL - returns current map position as google maps url.

2. Mileage - returns traveled route.

Plugin Events:

1. Geolocation is not supported - triggered when geolocation is not supported by the device.

2. Geolocation find is not allowed - triggered when user blocks his location tracking.

Plugin Actions:

1. Get Map as URL - used for refresh Map as URL state.

2. Display KML File - used for displaying KML files with content.

3. Add Layer - used for adding additional layers to the map (Traffic Layer, Transit Layer, Bicycling Layer).

4. 3D Map - used for displaying a place from the map in 3D if place have 3D imagery.

5. Track User - used for start tracking current position real time.

6. Stop tracking user - used for stop tracking.

7. Add Directions - used for drawing best route between two points.

8. Draw Previous Route - used for drawing to the map previous saved routes (Mileage State).

9. Reset Map - used for reset the map to initial conditions.