GeoNames Plugin


A very cool set of tools, there is everything from postcodes, elevations, weather in ICAO standard, earthquakes, time zones & even city statistics, population.

Data calls:

  • GeoNames - Search (Data)
  • GeoNames - Lookup Place & Postcode
  • GeoNames - Find Nearby Populated Place
  • GeoNames - Weather Station With Most Recent Weather Observation
  • GeoNames - Recent Earthquakes
  • GeoNames - Ocean / Reverse Geocoding
  • GeoNames - Elevation - SRTM3
  • GeoNames - Timezone
  • GeoNames - Country Info (Bounding Box, Capital, Area In Square Km, Population)
  • GeoNames - Country Subdivision

Setting up:

  1. 1.
    To use plugin need to create an GeoNames account. Register link:
2. After email confirmation, need to login and enable GeoNames services usage for current account:
3. Install GeoNames plugin to our app.
4. Configure plugin credentials. Just open installed plugin in Plugins tab, and put your username from GeoNames to “username” input.
Responses for API Calls:
Search (data) - returns a list of objects with following content:
Lookup Place & Postcode - returns a list of objects with following content:
Find nearby populated place - returns a list of objects:
Weather Station with most recent weather observation - returns an object with following content:
Recent Earthquakes - returns a list of objects:
Ocean / reverse geocoding - returns an object:
Elevation - SRTM3 - returns an object:

More details about GeoNames Library you can find at:

Demo to preview the settings

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