Boardly - Job Board Platform Template


Boardly - is a clean and powerful Job Board template. This template is designed with ease of usability in mind and comes with a lot of handy features both for recruiters and candidates. It also comes with a powerful admin panel for the template owner to manage the platform.


  • Post jobs as a user.
  • Feature jobs as an admin.
  • Fully dark mode
  • Responsive design
  • Animated custom menu.
  • Account settings.
  • Powerful Admin panel
  • Super quick search based on the job position, description, and keywords.
  • App remembers users last choices (even for not logged in users)

Data Structure


This section contains data such as About / bio of the user, Avatar image of the user, user's Company name, Darkmode enable button, demo yes or no, First name, list of Job listings, last job job, and last show .


This section contains data such as applied list of users, Apply email text, Apply URL, City, number of Clicks, company name, Featured yes or no, job description text, keywords tag, Logo image image, Owner, position, Requirements, Responsibilities, Role name, and Salary number.



This is the homepage of the template. It displays the list of jobs available for the users. With a search bar for searching through available jobs on the site.
Custom State
Element Name
To load homepage
current job
new job
to prompt signup popup before posting a job
Popup Login - signup
to the popup signup page
Popup Login - signup
to add a new job
Group Add job


This page lets you reset your password.


The admin dashboard is a one-page component of the template designed to display information in the database, edit, replace, or delete content on the template. This helps you to avoid some of the technicalities of manually changing things in the database.
This page is divided into four sections. All users, all jobs, all contacts, and statistics. The user's sections show all the users on the site. It also shows their details like the name of the user, email, and the delete user button. The Jobs sections show the title of the Job, the number of users applied for the job, job title, job owner, with a brief description with edit and delete buttons. Messages are the messages which come from the contact form for communication with tthe system owner.


This page comes up whenever the user search couldn't be located on the server.

Things to Note

Admin dashboard

For security purposes, the template has limited rights for potential customers. What that means is that you will not be able to use the admin features in full until you will not buy this template and enable the delete functionality.
If already bought the template, you can enable the additional feature by following the steps below:
1. remove workflows when the user is not admin
2. make a condition when the page is loaded
Condition when user is not admin
Condition when user is admin
The workflow below is used to redirect not-admin users to the index page, when the dashboard page is loaded:
On Page load workflow action
Please make sure you have set the user_type parameter of the user you want to make an admin correctly:
How to set the user to adminType

Demo to preview the template

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