Archimist - Architecture Design Template


Archimist no-code template is designed to help you build an app without code which allows showcase your works, add and delete projects, add team members, design articles and more.
This fully functional and responsive template is suitable for architectural, interior design, construction practices etc.
It will make your work look more impressive and attractive to viewers and potential customers.


  • Filterable & Integrated projects/portfolio
  • Newsletters subscription to mailchimp
  • Micro Blog/News page
  • Well designed dashboard
  • Fully responsive pages
  • Micro Blog/News page
  • Sharing buttons for blog
  • Minimalist Design

Data Structure


Config data contains site title, site description, site logo ( colored, black and white)


News data contain the article title, article published date, article itself and a featured picture for the article.


This data type contains all information relating to staffs in the company; data such as staff name, staff role, staff profile picture, staff details can be found here.


Project data contains all information relating to a particular project or portfolio such as project title, project pictures, project details, project genre, project location, project's building height, project's no of stories, project's site area, project's services



This is the homepage of the site, it starts with the reusable header, the hero section follows; which is a slider (manual one) made up of three slideshow pictures of some projects in the template. the buttons on the hero section goes to the page of the particular project/portfolio.
A custom state is set on the numbers on the slideshow pictures that sets each picture into visibility when clicked. the home page also contains a featured project section, a process section, a featured article section , quick link section and a footer. The project content and articles are pulled from the database


This is the page with all the details of your company. It contains more information about features described on index page.


This page contains information on the projects carried out by the company, all the company projects are grouped in a repeating group and the data on the projects are fetched from the data type(thing) called project from the database


This is the page that displays each individual project clicked, it contains a slideshow of project pictures, and other details related to the project as fetched in the data type called project. url displayed o each project item page contains the title of the project.


This page contains the process of how the company carries out its work, content on this page is static and can be changed


This is the blog or article page . it contains all the articles published. it dynamically fetches the article from the data type called new from the database and displays it in a repeating group. new articles can be added from the dashboard or from the database.


This is the page that displays each individual article, all contents are fetched from the database through the data type called new. it also contains a list of other articles that can be found in the template. You can also alter the articles and add new ones from the dashboard.


This page displays all the staffs that can be found in the company, it is dynamically fetched from the database and displayed on the page with the aid of a repeating group. staffs can be added from the dashboard and deleted also.


This page displays the information of individual staff member, their role, their profile picture and some details about them. the content of this page are dynamic; meaning they can only be altered from the dashboard or from the data type called team in the database.


This is a page that displays a list of available positions in the company, it is static, so any new position can be added manually. it contains a form that allows applicants send their name, email, phone, cv or portfolio to the company


This page’s name speaks for itself. It is the page where your clients will get in touch with you or were they could find details about your company’s location.

Specific References


Navigation is straightforward on all pages, except for the dashboard and projects page which have some AJAX partial loading navigation

Newsletter Subscription

Subscription to newsletters are enabled via mailchimp. go to, create an account and get the the api key and add to the plugin. Each subscriber is added to the mail list on mail chimp and newsletters can be sent in bulk to the subscribers.

Admin Dashboard

This template has an admin dashboard that is used in making changes to the database. Custom states are used for navigation here. In the dashboard, you can edit the portfolio and add news ones, edit the staffs and add new ones, edit and add new articles, add site information too.

Reusable Elements

the header, the footer and the request a quote group are all reusable elements. the contact popup form is also a reusable element.

Things to Note

The featured projects page on the home page contains two different groups; one for desktop and one for mobile. the desktop version is an amalgamation of individual groups of projects fetched from the database, while the mobile version is a repeating group of some projects found in the database.

Demo to preview the template