Wishly - Feature Wishlist Template


Wishly - Feature Wishlist is a no-code template that allows anyone to set up a page to increase community engagement and allow community members to suggest and vote for features they need most.
Create your own wishlist application with this stylish and responsive template that comes with user profile, submitting ideas, upvoting and downvoting, search, etc.
The admin dashboard page features the possibility to check statistics, manage users, and see the most upvoted or commented ideas. This template is built from https://bwl.zeroqode.com​


  • Posting New Ideas
  • Upvoting\Downvoting Ideas
  • Searching for Ideas
  • User profile
  • Admin Panel

Data Structures


Represents the comments section stored information from the platform. Each comment has a field - commentContent (text that the user wrote), commentItem (each comment is attached to the Idea under which it is written).


This data type adds the published idea to the database. Each Idea has next fields - itemComments, itemCommentsCount, itemDescription, itemLikes, itemLikesNumber, itemName, itemNotificationStatus, itemPictures, itemReported, itemStatus.


This data type contains the user's likes, which were added to a specific idea. It has a field - Item.


User - this data type represents each person who signups or uses the platform. Each user object has fields like - userType, userProfilePicture, userLikesCount, userLikes, userLastName, userItemsCount, userItems, userFirstName, userCommentsCount, userComments.



This is the main page for the application which is used as a landing page. This page shows the entire list of published ideas. There is a search by ideas and also the ability to filter them. Also, there is the right bar with three blocks.
  • Top ideas (Three ideas with the most likes)
  • Top users (Three users who published more ideas )
  • Statistics (General site statistics)

item description

Detailed page of the idea. It contains a description, photo, the opportunity to vote the idea, leave a comment, and send a report to the admin. The right bar is also present.

my profile

It displays all user's ideas with the ability to delete/edit them. There are also statistics on the user profile and profile settings, with the ability to change the password, profile photo, and your name.

user profile

User's page, that contains the list of published ideas and brief profile information.

create item

This is a page where the user can create an Idea. Fields for entering are the Title, Descriptions, and picture uploading.

edit item

This is a page where the user can edit his Idea. Fields for entering are the Title, Descriptions, and picture uploading.


All site statistics are collected on this page. It contains the following blocks.
  • Posted ideas (All time and 24H)
  • Total users (All time and 24H)
  • Liked ideas (All time and 24H)
  • Comments (All time and 24H)
  • Popular ideas (Three ideas with the most likes)
  • Active users (Three users with a lot of likes)
  • Most commented ideas (Three most commented ideas)
  • All users (All users with the number of published ideas)
  • All ides (With the possibility to edit/delete them)


Terms and conditions.


When something goes wrong.


This page contains groups - Login, Sign Up, Forgot password.

Reusable Elements


This a top element available on most pages, containing links to other pages like - Dashboard (only for admin), My profile, Log out, Create idea, Back to index (by clicking the logo).


This a bottom element available on most pages, containing links to other pages like - Terms and Conditions, link to Zeroqode Templates.

Right bar

This element is available on pages - Index and Item description. It represents - top users, top ideas, and short statistics on the site.

Things to Note

This template uses the following plugins.
  • Google Material Icons - for the custom icon set.
  • Relative Time Format - this plugin generates text like - "a week ago". It is used on the page item_description in aggregate with the plugin - Relative Time With Moment.
  • Relative Time With Moment - this plugin generates text like - "a week ago".
  • Search & Autocorrect - this plugin is used for the live search of the ideas or users.

Demo to preview the template