UpListy - Upvote Listing Template


UpListy Upvote Listing by Zeroqode's template is an online platform where users can signal their approval or support for a post. Upvotes move a post towards the top of the site, and they are a way to measure how many people approve of the content that is in a post.


  • User Authentication
  • User friendly design
  • Admin Dashboard for Management
  • Clean and eye-catching design
  • Fully mobile responsive pages
  • Dark Mode

Data Structure


This section contains data such as About / bio of the user, Avatar image of the user, list of Comments, Darkmode enable button, demo yes or no, list of Items, last edit item item, last item item, last show, Name and lists of upvotes.


This section contains data such as Comment, Items and User from the upvoter.


This section contains data such as list of Comments, Description text, facebook url, list of images, instagram url, keywords, Open clicks numbers, Title, twitter url, list of upvotes, URL text, number of URL clicks, and number of Vote count.


This section contains data such as item item, status text, text, upvotes, user and number of Vote count.



This is the homepage of the template. It displays the list of posts with the top post being the most upvoted post. Clicking on each post shows the post in full view with the corresponding write and the upvote button at the top right corner. the section for posting comment is immediately below and a list of other users comments.
Custom State
Element Name
To load the home page
image count
For loading images in mobile view
Group The Listing mobile
current item
edit item
tw url
for adding twitter url
GroupFocus Add url
inst url
for adding instagram url
GroupFocus Add url
fb url
for adding facebook url
GroupFocus Add url
comment sign up
to add comment
Button Comment
to zoom in on the featured image
Group zoom
GroupFocus Add url
to show signup/login popup
Popup Login - signup


The admin dashboard is a one-page component of the template designed to display information in the database, edit, replace, hide or delete content on the template. This helps you to avoid the technicalities of manual changing things in the database.
This page is divided into three sections. User, Listings and Messages. The users sections shows all the users on the site. It also shows their details like name of the user, number of comments by the user, user's biography, user's signup date and the delete user button. The listing sections shows the title of the listing, number of comments on the listing, number of votes, keywords, social links, listing info, with a brief description beneath and edit and delete buttons. Messages are the messages which come from contact form for communication with system owner.
There's simple and clear graph showing an over view of the users in the users section and also another graph for the listing section.
Custom State
Element Name
inst url
To add instagram url
GroupFocus Add url
fb url
to add facebook url
GroupFocus Add url
GroupFocus Add url
to add a new listing
Popup Item
comment open
to add comment to a listing
Group User Item body
to show listings/users graph
Group LISTINGS Stats


This page lets you reset your password.


This page comes up whenever the user search couldn't be located on the server.

Things to Note

Admin panel

For security purposes the template has limited rights for potential customers. What that means is that you will not be able to use the admin features until you buy this template and enable the editing features.
For user which has Admin field Yesmeans the features are enabled and if No respectively disabled.
The workflow which shows different pop-ups and for both scenarios when Yes or No . Meaning, when the user is currently Admin is Yes the Popup Delete or Update will be displayed in app. However when user is currently Admin is No the Popup Delete Permission will be shown. All workflow events are placed in workflow folder "Security events" for easy access.

Demo to preview the template

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