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Uplance No-code Template is a complex freelance app similar to Upwork, where Employers/Clients can post jobs and Freelancers can apply for them.
The app has a sophisticated employer
and freelancer
An employer can create a job/project by submitting all job details (category, type of project, budget, additional questions, special requirements, etc.). A freelancer completes his profile that is full of details that an employer might need.
After creating a project, the employer can send invitations to different freelancers or just hire one to start working with him.
The template has an integrated chat
and notification
system. The freelancer has the option to track the time
he is spending on the project (if the project is of payment "by hour" type) and when he finishes the job he sends an approval request to the employer.
Tip: Upon confirming the request, the Employer/Client will be charged, but the money is frozen until the job is completed.
The template has an admin dashboard where the admin can see platform statistics
, make refunds
, set the platform fee
and ban users
if needed.


  • User dashboard
  • Landing page
  • Payment system
  • Messaging system
  • Admin dashboard
  • Responsive design

Video Overview

Uplance Video Overview


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In order to properly configure the template please read the *required sections of this documentation.
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