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Zeroqode Plugins for Bubble
This section explains what Zeroqode Plugins are, and how they add superpowers to your app.

What is a "Plugin"

A plugin is an extension that gives superpowers
to your app.
Zeroqode has developed, prepared and tested several hundred plugins perfect for any application.
Do you need custom menus to implement your idea? Do you want more animations for the website maybe? Or do you need a music player on this page? For almost any purpose, there is a plugin that you can embed
into a template by changing or expanding its functionality.
Follow the link to see them all.

Plugin Installation

To install a plugin:
    Go to your Bubble account and select your app
    Find Plugin Tab in the Bubble app's editor
    Click + Add plugins button
    Go to Search Bar and type in the name of the plugin
    If plugin is free - simply click Install button. If it is a paid plugin - click Buy.
    Now you can see the installed plugin in the Plugin Tab and new visual elements or workflow actions will be available in the app.
Search and purchase a Plugin

Experiment More - Pay Less

If you are on paid plan, you can subscribe to a plugin and use it for 1-2 days or any extent of time that you wish.
When you subscribe to a plugin you pay only for the actual number of days you used it and not for the full month. The fee is added to the monthly bill (or yearly if the user is on a yearly plan), and the amount is prorated. If you subscribe to a plugin for one day youโ€™ll end up being charged for this plugin = fee / 30. So if it doesn't work for you within a few days you can uninstall it and it won't cost you much ๐Ÿ™‚
If you are on Bubbleโ€™s Free plan or Legacy Hobby plan, youโ€™d only be able to purchase the plugin with one time payment. If that case, before purchasing a plugin please check the pluginโ€™s demo page and documentation carefully to make sure it suits your requirements and expectations.


Each plugin can be tested before purchase by clicking the "Live Demo" button.
Plugin demo: Pinterest Style Grid

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