Tubely - Video Sharing like Youtube Template


Tubely - Video Sharing like Youtube Template is a no-code template just like Youtube that allows its users to upload, view, share, comment on videos and subscribe to other video channels. This template enables you share videos with loved ones just like you would on Youtube.


  • Fully responsive pages and user dashboard.
  • Fully responsive Admin Dashboard for overall admin management and deleting users or copyrighted videos.
  • Function Search Feature for video searches.
  • Dynamic Video Playback
  • Videos can be stored at the highest quality.
  • Commenting Videos
  • Watch History
  • Liked Videos

Data Structures


Users are referred to as new channels that sign up to Tubely. Personal information about the user is stored. The admin field is to state whether or not the user is an admin. The likedfield contains all videos liked by the channel. The watch_laterfield contains all videos saved by the user to be watched later. The historyfield contains latest videos watched by the user. The videosfield contains a list of videos the user has uploaded. The subscribersfield contains all users subscribed to the channel. The subscriptionsfield contains all channels subscribed to by the user. The field picture used to display user's avatar.


This contains all videos uploaded to Tubely. The name, thumbnail and descriptionfields contains additional information about the video. The videofield contains all file which is the actual video. The viewersfield contains all devices or channels who have watched the video. The userfield contains the channel that uploaded the video and thecommentsfield contains all comments made about the video.


This contains all comments made on Tubely. The commentfield contains the text comment made by the user. The userfield contains the user who made the comment. The videofield contains the video the comment was made under.


This contains all notifications for new video uploads in Tubely. When a new video is uploaded a new notification is created for Channels subscribed to the uploaded video.



This is the main landing page of the template and contains new videos and popular videos uploaded to Tubely. An overview of subscriptions are also seen on this page. It also contains links to other sections of Tubely.

about us

This page gives a brief information about Tubely and the purpose of Tubely i.e how Tubely affects you.


This page contains the contact information of Tubely.


This page contains work of some of the popular Tubely Creators.


This is the page for the Admin of the Tubely Application to handle Channel Management and Video Management. In this page, the admin can view all users and videos as well as delete.


This contains the login form and allows users or channels to login with their email and password. There is also a demo login.

sign up

This contains the sign up form and allows for new channels or users to be created using their full name and email address.


This page appears when a page has been renamed or deleted


This page is for users who have forgotten their passwords. They are requested to enter their email to the Tubely account of which they cannot remember their password. If valid, they are then sent a special reset password link to that email address.


This page is only accessed by the special reset password link sent to the users email. This page allows users successfully reset their passwords.


This is the page in which every Tubely Video can be watched. All videos when clicked are sent here and the video can then be played back. Comments on videos can also be given on this page.


This is the page where most of its content is specific to the Current User or channel logged in. In this page you find History, Watch Later, Liked which are all user specific. This page also allows upload of videos to Tubely. You can also tweak your user information in the settings view of this page.

Specific References


Navigation between tabs or views on the dashboard and home page the Router plugin. This is used to change URL's and views to match the specific URL path.

Video Size/Storage

Tubely makes use of the Bubble database to store video files. However, the maximum video size per video is restricted to <50mb. If you would need to upload videos of larger sizes please do well to install the plugin below:

"AWS" File uploader - Any size Plugin for Bubble, by ZeroqodeBubbleAWS File uploader plugin is a powerful tool, that allows you or your users to upload files from Bubble apps directly to your AWS (Amazon Web Services) without any file size limits.

Video Player

Tubely makes use of a Html built supported by Video.js video player. If you would prefer another type of video player that might give you extra functionality please install the plugin below:

Video Player Plugin for Bubble, by ZeroqodeBubbleThis Video Player plugin allows you to play most video formats simply by uploading a static file, dynamic URL or playlist. Its advanced features allow you to set the speed of the playback, enable auto-play, auto-replay at the end, workflows to play next, previous, first, last video. You can also customize the colors of the play button and the color of the playing bar.


The dashboard page is currently open to all logged in (Demo Login) visitors but with read-only access (they can't perform any actions). To have full access the user must have their current user's admin field set to Yes. There is also a workflow that redirects users back to login or dashboard page if they don't have admin access but that workflow is disabled.

Note: Be sure to un-check the disable workflow on purchase of this template.

Demo to preview the template