Travelly - Tour and Travel Template


Travelly is a modern no-code template with online booking functionality and admin dashboard to manage destinations, tours, teams and bookings designed specifically for the tourism industry.
It is fully responsive and customizable by dragging and dropping. Use Travelly to present tour operating agencies, blogs and other tourism-related businesses.


  • Slider to show destination images
  • Tour Booking
  • Subscription to newsletters and promo offers
  • A beautifully designed admin dashboard for making changes to the database (managing destinations, tours, bookings etc.)

Data Structure


Booking data contains the usual client profile info; name, email, phone number. it also contains the number of adults and children that will be going on the tour and travel, and a message from the clients.


This contains the information in the various countries we have available as destinations. it contains the country name, interesting places to visit, tours in that specific country, price for the travel and pictures of the country.

Popular Tours

This contains the information on the various tours we offer, it contains the price of the tour, tours quantity, picture of the tour, name of the tour, country of the tour and how long the tour lasts for.


This contains our workers and their profile such as their names, job title and contact information.


This data type contains data such as site title, site description, different variants of site's logo


The main pages of this template are the Landing page(index), About page, Tours page, Destinations page and Contact Page.


This is the homepage of this web template. It is fully responsive and has a slide out mobile menu. It also contains an automatic slider with headings and buttons. The button on the hero section contains a find tour button; which takes you to the tours page.
Next on the index page is the abridged tour section that has a button to see more on the tour page.
The next section contains a brief summary on the reason why our company is a better choice Next is a destinations section, that shows the various countries you can visit, these when clicked takes you to the destinations page. Next is the team section that shows you our able bodied workers and their contact information.
Next is a testimonial section. This is a part that shows what clients have said, it has dynamically loaded information of the testimonial and you access it by clicking on the photos of the client.
The last section on the home page is the footer section that has a quick intro of the company, quick-links, social media profile of the company and contact information of the company.


This is a page that shows all you need to know about the company. It contains a full about us section with pictures that shows what the travel is all about. It also contains a '"what people say" section to show what clients have said about their experience.It also contains our team section.


This page covers all the countries available and their prices, it also has an hero section that can accommodate headers, and details. A grid of all the destinations is also displayed here and each country/destination containing the country name, little details, price of the trip. Also on each country has a more button to view more details on the country.


This page starts out with a hero section that takes a background picture, header and tour text. Next is the full body that contains a list of the tours accompanied by a button that takes you to the specific profile page of the tour. The tour profile contains the name of the tour, the price, and how long the tour will last and tours quantity, it has a button "book tour" that opens the pop-up to reserve bookings and send message. Once the tour quantity is depleted, the "book tour" button will change to "sold out" condition which will make button unclickable.


This pageโ€™s name speaks for itself. It is the page where your clients will get in touch with you or were they could find details about your companyโ€™s location.


This page starts out with the hero section that contains a picture of the country, name of the country and also contains a "book destination" button that opens up the pop-up to reserve bookings and send message. The body shows a full detail of the country, pictures and interesting places to visit whilst in the country, also tells a brief history of the country.


This page starts out with the hero section that contains a picture of the tour, name of the tour and tours quantity also contains a "book tour" button that opens up the pop-up to reserve bookings and send message. The body shows a full detail of the tour, pictures and map of the location.

Specific References


Navigation is straightforward on all pages but dashboard which has some AJAX-style navigation


The dashboard can be used to make changes to the template such as editing tours, adding new tours, editing destinations, adding and deleting destinations, editing team, adding and deleting team, adding site details such as logo and description, adding and deleting bookings and updating client profile.

Note for dashboard

There is a Group Block invisible element which is placed on top of all groups to prevent Edit or Delete functionalities to be used as a security measure. On the dashboard page admin find the Group Block and delete this element to enable the edit and delete features.
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Newsletter Subscription

Subscription to newsletters are enabled via mailchimp. go to, create an account and get the the api key and add to the plugin. Each subscriber is added to the mail list on mail chimp and newsletters can be sent in bulk to the subscribers.

Demo to preview the template