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Telebot no-code template is similar to the Zenify Focus and Mindfulness Bot. This template is perfect for a meditation application or any app that needs a time programmable bot. It comes with a stunning animated landing page, a user page for subscribing to a Stripe plan, and all main pre-configured bot commands (e.g. /settings, /help, send message, send audio, send invoice, etc,). It also comes with a Telegram Plugin for Bubble which costs $7/month or $25 one time payment.


  • Landing page

  • Stripe payment

  • Messaging

  • Telegram bot API connection

The telegram template comes with only 14 mindfulness instructions.

For more instructions how to create a bot and set a webhook please see

Payments: See the documentation on how to set Stripe Payments in Bubble App.

Data Structure


The user data type has fields that contain accessrights, onboardingdone (takes value as either yes or no and is true when onboarding is complete), Sendreminders ( also takes value as either yes or no), TelegramChatId, trialexpired (takes either yes or no as value), totalreceivedassignments (takes a number value) and so on.


The data type Assignments contains only four fields within its table; they include the Assignment itself, an Image, a Level and a Music file.


Within this data type, we have the associated assignment, a chat_id and a field completed that takes a single value of either yes or no.


This data type and its table holds only one field; the random number.


In addition to the built-in fields, this data type also holds one field; a text as a Reminder for an assignment.


Some of the fields within this data type include a chat_id, chat_type, chat_username, from_id, from_id_is_bot (takes a value of either yes or no), a callback_query_id, message_id, message_text, update_id, etc.



The index page is the landing page for this template and it provides options for a user to learn about the platform by watching a short descriptive video, sample assignments and get to know about the benefits. There are also options to download the mobile app from online stores like Playstore for android based devices and Apple store for IOS based devices.

Custom State

This page has no custom states.


This simple page holds views for both Signup for new users and Login for existing users. It simply provides the user with a form that takes required inputs.

Custom State






This state sets and displays a particular view (either the login or the signup view) at a time.


Within the admin page, the user can turn on and send out reminders for assignments. The page also populates a list of predefined assignments, their types, image, and uploaded file if applicable. These information can also be modified from this page.

Custom State

It has no custom states.


On this page, the user handles their credit card details and subscriptions plans by choosing from predefined plans.

Custom State

The page has no custom states.

Specific Reference


To setup your stripe account, go to, create an account. You will be allowed to access your dashboard once you have successfully verified your email address and activated your account.

Click on Developers and then, API keys. copy your API keys. Ensure to use a live API key when your template goes live

Paste the API keys in the stripe connector calling the plugin.


The telegram template comes with only 14 mindfulness instructions .

Link to the docs of Telegram plugin (used in this template) :

Demo to preview the template