Slackly - Team Messaging like Slack Template


Slackly is a team messaging and collaboration tool built without code. It is similar to Slack, where users can create multiple teams and invite others to join them. Slackly also features channel and direct messaging with team users as well as a user profile page. This is a great template for tools built for inside use purpose, but could be used out of the box. For example, use as an app itself, or integrate it in a bigger project.


  • Collaboration
  • Messaging
  • Landing page
  • Responsive design

Data Structure


Channels which may represent groups are created bearing a Name, Purpose, Team, and TeamName. A user may belong to more than one channel.

Channel Conversation

Every channel conversation belongs to a Channel, may contain File and Link, and also carry a Message, New message? and Picture.

Direct Conversation

This is a private conversation between a user and another. Contained here is the Channel, possibly carrying a File, Link, Message, and New message?. This data structure also shows Parties (list of users which is basically the Recipient and Sender), Picture (of users) and Team (which they belong to).


Teams are identified by a Name, the Users, and various Channels the users belong to.


This contains the Name of the team, the user Name, and other details of the user.


The bio of the user is contained here such as First Name, Last Name, Photo, Phone, email, etc.



The index page is the landing page of this template. The simple and colorful page upon loading contains a sign-in card, signup button and social media links.


A user is able to create a new team on this page. Also visible on this page are teams the current user is signed in to. To create a new team requires just a name for the new team to be created.


A user's account is managed on this page. This includes editing profile, managing teams and messages. This page also makes use of custom states.


A user can add more information to be displayed on his/her profile.


The channels and direct messages are viewed on this page.

Reusable Elements


The footer contains social media links.

Signup / Login Popup

This element basically allows users to signup or/and login to the app.

Demo to preview the template