Shiply - Logistics and Couriers Template


Shiply is a unique logistics template built without code for companies that provide moving, transportation, logistics and courier services. It comes with a freight rate calculator, package tracking and a powerful admin dashboard to manage all the shipment processes.


  • Freight Rate Calculator
  • Stripe Payments
  • Package Tracking
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Fully mobile responsive design
:::hint Payments: See the documentation on how to set Stripe Payments in Bubble App. :::

Data Structure


This contains all information related to order made by customers. This ranges from the customers personal information to the customers package information and the destination country in which the item is to be delivered.


This data type contains basic information the items you are sending or receiving

Shipping Mode

This contains the mode of transportation your logistics company uses e.g air freight, road freight or ocean freight


This contains information about your staff or team in your company


This contains message sent by customers to have an idea og charges


This contains specific countries your logistics company deliver to and from


This contains a list of processed orders going forward for confirmation


Your company might have services you might want your customers to know about. This data type contains information about your company's services


This data type contains basic information about the template such as page titles, logos and hero images of pages.


This contains all news article you might want to showcase to your customers.


This contains a list of all registered users on your website


The main pages of the website are the home page, about page, services page, pricing page and contact page. The about page has a sub page of each team members profile page.


The index page is the landing page of the template. This page showcases the restaurant as a whole, with summaries of most of the pages. It uses of both static and dynamic data. This page contains, a fully responsive menu with a hamburger menu on mobile view, a hero section of a single picture , two buttons that links to the about page and the contact page respectively.
Next on the index page, is the intro to the “about ” page. This section contains headings and a brief insight to what’s in the about page.You want your users and clients to see the what your company is all about? Well the next section gives them a sneak peak at the kind of services we render. A click on each button all takes you to the service page and gives you an overview of the full services .


This page contains details of the logistics company here. The section starts with the header and then a hero section followed by a full about us information that is relating to the company. It also contains a section that displays team members profile Page


This page contains service of the logistics company here. The section starts with the header and then a hero section followed by the various services rendered by the logistics company


This page contains rate of services of the logistics company here. The section starts with the header and then a hero section followed by a display of the rate at which the company operates for different freight. It also as a rate calculator for users and client to have an idea of what lies ahead.


This page’s name speaks for itself. It is the page where your clients will get in touch with you or were they could find details about your company’s location.


This page allows the creator easy access to manage data by providing an interface that aids a quicker creation, modification and removal of data.

Things to Note

API Keys

Several plugins require you to add your own API keys for them to work properly. You would need to get your own API keys for the following plugins:
  • Stripe.js
  • Random String Generator

Database things

This template makes use of some database objects for certain functionality as explained below.
  • Schedule Pick Up: Before scheduling a pickup, users are asked to select from a list of country we deliver to and from . Users can see available countries in the drop down.

Demo to preview the template