Reviewly - Location Based Reviews Template

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Reviewly is a no-code app template based on a famous review website. Features most of the functionality of the original app and has a responsive design. This ready-made template is a completely scalable and customizable web app.


  • Landing page

  • Adding/Editing Business Listings

  • Admin Dashboard

  • Responsive design

  • Reviews

  • Location

Data Structure


Details of businesses to be reviewed are stored here. This can be said to be identity of the business being reviewed. This may contain Address, Category, City, Name, Open/close time, Photos, Rating, Price, List of reviews, Phone number, Website, Website menu, etc.


The different categories are represented by the category name and an icon.

Open Day

Each business to be reviewed has its convenient open day to allow for review-purpose visits.Recorded here are the biz Name, day of the week, open time and close time.


Reviews carried out on businesses bear Business ID, Business Rating, Cool Rating, Funny Rating, Rating, Review Body, and Useful Rating.


Data contained here are search key fields - Display Name, Search type.


User details are basic bio data including blog and website links, location, ZIP code, upvoted comments (list of reviews) and gender, admin .


Search terms needed to find users - categorySearch, locationSearch.



This is the landing page of the template. This page is colorful, engaging, and cuts across several links of the templates.

Custom state:





RepeatingGroup Business filter

used to read business categories



this reads the entire index page


The biz page shows details of the business and a list of reviews carried out on the business. This page allows a user rate the business, rate other users' reviews (useful, funny, cool) and write a review on the business.

Custom state:






reads the value of the parent group image

The search fields contain two major boxes - category and location.






reads the current cell's category name


A user signs up to be able to use the app. Required data are first name, last name, zip code, email, and password.





Signup / Login Popup A

this is used when using the demo account to login

Write A Review

This page allows you search for a business with its location to write a review. Recommended businesses are also displayed just in case the user has been to any of them, to write a review.


The admin page allows the admin to update business information on the template. This includes attaching business photos and other data registered in the business data. Admin user can approve or reject a business in the system, make changes to users and view graph statistics.

Custom state:






this is used to edit business page which is either to addbiz, or update


On this page, a user can login using email and password, or using Facebook. A user can also sign up on this page and password reset request can be made on this page.


This page contains the user's profile. All information contained in the user data field are listed here and can be edited as desired.

User Details

Displayed on this page are all reviews made by the user on several businesses. This also showcases business name and date of review.

Write a Review 1

This page shows the review input box. Clicking on the 'Write A Review' button leads to this page.

Reusable Elements

The footer contains the social links of the template organization.

Header logged in New

This header shows more links as the user is logged in to the app.

Header logged out New

Fewer links are displayed on the header because the user is logged out and cannot access some features on the app.

Signin / Login Popup

Logging in to the app requires an email address and a password. Signing up details are as stated in the signup page.

Header logged in/out

This element differs from the 'New' element. One can decide to go with any of the designs.

Things to Note

Database Things

Please do not delete an entire data thing unless you are sure of what you are doing. However, feel free to delete template content used in building this template.

The Header logged out/in elements differ from the Header logged out/in New elements in design. You can decide to go with any of your choice to represent the element.

Admin dashboard

For security purposes the template has limited rights for potential customers. What that means is that you will not be able to use the admin features at full until you will not buy this template and enable the editing features (delete or edit).

If you already bought the template you can enable the additional feature by following the steps below:

Under Data tab in the Editor, you could find the Data Type USER which has Admin field with Yes/No condition for when Yes is set the Admin rights are enabled and user can edit and delete from Admin page, however if No is set the Admin rights are disabled for user.

Admin type Yes/No
Admin rights workflow

Demo to preview the template