Rently - Rent a Car Template


Rently - Rent a Car is a responsive template that will allow you to find the right car to rent it with the online payment option. You can sort the cars by: category, price, location, availability and endowments. Rently is a modern template that helps you automate the entire car rental process.


  • Designed for car rental services
  • Landing page
  • Responsive design
  • User Dashboard
  • Profile & Payment setting Stripe integration for payment
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Book a car
  • Editing the reservation by admin
  • User Management Statistics for all cars
  • Cars and Cities management

Database Structure


This section includes all user information such as: customerID, date_of_birth, doc_passport_number, notifications, preferred_currency, profile_photo, first_name, last_name, phone_number, user_city, user_country, user_home_address, user_man_gender, user_zip_code .
Here also could check whether user is Admin or not, is blocked or not.
Also show bookings, user_DocUser, cards.


This section allows the admin to receive notifications if he has a new booking and the booking page has not been opened. Contains only the field: page_name .


This section keeps the information about reservation of a car from a user such as: car, city_pickup, city_return, comment_booking, drop-off data, pick-up data, date_range, location_drop_off, location_pick_up
This also keeps all the user information: user_city, user_country, user_date_of_birth, user_doc_passport_number, user_doc_passport_number, user_DocUser, user_email, user_first_name, user_home_adress, user_last_name, user_man_gender, user_phone number, user_zip_code.
The Canceled Field checks whether booking is canceled or not.


This section displays information about rental cars such as: air_conditioner, bookings, bookings_count, car_features, city_new, city_pickup, class, description, gallery, general_rating, location, general_rating, location, main_image, number_doors, number_luggage, number_seats, presentation_image, price, reviews , title, transmission, unavailable.

Car Class

This section displays rental car classes to sort cars according to customer needs. It contains only cars (list of cars) and title (class title).

Car Features

This section shows the car's equipment. The object contains the title field.


This section contains general information with customer cards saved. Contains the fields: card_month, id, last4digits, token, type and year.


Contains information with months of the year to be added to a new card. Contains: month, Month_stripe.


This section contains the cities and countries available for rental cars. Contains: cars, country, image, pick-up_return_address, title.


This section contains the reviews left by a user added after a booking such as: booking, car, comment, new, rating.


This section contains the types of transmission for a car. Contains: id and option.


Rently template contains all the pages required for the site to be complete for a car rental company. The main pages of the site are:


The home page offers visitors the opportunity to visually visualize rental cars sorted by their classes. In a visually appealing way, the cities where the company is present are displayed.


The page about us presents the relevant information about the company where the visitor will be convinced why he or she must specifically choose these services. In brief with graphical elements are presented the advantages that differentiate this company from competitors.


The page where the user can choose the city and date to book a car. Here is the car with features, images and features in an interactive way. The booking form is automatically filled in if the user has previously saved his or her personal account information.
Users can book a car even if they do not have a Rently account.


If the visitor has some questions about the company's services, he can call or send a message to the administrator.


The dashboard page is for logged in users, provides information on user reservations, reviews, and personal data for booking the car.
The page displays all the cars that can be rented. The filter allows you to select the desired city for rent, date, sort by class, price and availability of the car. There is the possibility to display the machines as a grid as a function of user preferences.


This page is intended for the administrator who can manage the entire car reservation process, check stats and manage users and vehicles.


Car ofer - allows you to view, add, edit and delete cars..
User management - allows the administrator to view detailed information about all users or block them.
Bookings - shows information about all bookings made on the site. Allows administrator to edit a booking only on the condition that the reservation has a higher starting date than the current date.
Location - allows you to add the cities where the company is present with your company and country address. At the moment the car can be returned to any city where the company is present in the country where it was taken.
Car Features - displays the endowments for the company's cars. Can be added, edited or deleted.
Rental Statistics - displays information about all active or pending reservations, total amount sorted by year, month and car.
Feedback - shows all the reviews added by users which are displayed in this tab.


Typically, when a visitor tries to access a page that is not available, the server will return a "404 Not Found" error where the information is on the 404 page.

Things to Note

Admin dashboard comes with security measure which prevents the deleting or editing features to not work in the template.
In order to disable the "unlock this feature" alert in Admin dashboard, it's necessary to set the state "template" to "no" in the Page settings. Click (i) icon to open page settings.
Admin Page Settings, Template value
Dashboard page for user comes with a security measure which prevents the user from updating any profile details.
In order to disable the "unlock this feature" alert on Dashboard page, it's necessary to set the state "template" to "no" in the Page settings. Click (i) icon to open page settings.
Dashboard Page settings

Reusable Elements

Contains the company logo, menu, and the button with the possibility of logging in or registering. In case the user is logged in, the picture and the user's name are displayed.


Mobile stylized version header.
Footer contains contact information, important quick links, and opening hours of work.
Mobile stylized version footer.

Signup / Login Popup

Provides the ability to register or login to users.

Demo to preview the template

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