Recruitmently - Full Recruitment Agency Template


Recruitmently - Full Recruitment Agency Template is a no-code template which houses job openings from various firms and organizations. It also allows applicants upload documents required for each job displayed on the site. Other information about the jobs can be seen by the applicants.


  • This theme has a fully dark mode
  • Full recruitment backend (message candidates)
  • User profiles (Candidates can update their profile at any time)
  • Apply for jobs
  • Super quick search based on title, description and keywords.
  • Admin panel

Data Structure


Every user fills Comments, CV, Email user, First name, Job, Motivation and Owner (user details) while applying for jobs on the platform.


Contained here are details of the job a user may have already applied to which may include Applied (stating that the user has already applied to a particular job opening), Job (job details), Kind, Seen (yes/no), owner (user).


Full information about a job is entailed here which includes the Applied (list of applications from users), city, company logo, company name, Job Description, position, Requirements, Keywords, Responsibilities and Salary.


This contains the user's details: Admin (yes/no), Applied to (list of applications the user has submitted), Avatar (image), bio, Darkmode (yes/no), demo (yes/no), First name, Jobs, last apply, last job, last show.



The homepage contains five sections which allow the user apply for jobs, seek help (contact, apply, find jobs), know more about the organization, skim through a list of the latest jobs and also reach the organization across the social platforms. These section links enable a user easily navigate through the page.


The admin dashboard is a one-page component of the template designed to display information in the database, edit, replace, hide or delete content on the template. This helps you to avoid the technicalities of manual changing things in the database.
This page is divided into four sections. Dashboard, Jobs, Users and Messages. The users sections shows all the users on the site. It also shows their details like name of the user, email and the delete user button. The Jobs sections shows the title of the Job , number of users applied for the job, Job info, with a brief description beneath and edit and delete buttons. Messages are the messages which come from contact form for communication with system owner.
There's simple and clear graph showing an over view of the users in the dashboard section and also another graph for job in same section.

Things to Note

Database things

Please do not delete an entire data thing unless you are sure of what you are doing. However, feel free to delete template content used in building this template.


For security purposes the template has limited rights for potential customers. What that means is that you will not be able to use the admin features until you buy this template and enable the editing features.
In order to disable the "Lock" alert in Admin dashboard, it's necessary to set the state "template" to value "no" in the Page settings. Click (i) icon to open page settings.
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Demo to preview the template