Questy - Questions Like Quora Template


Questy no-code template is a "Q&A" platform similar to Quora. Users can ask questions, answer them, and upvote or downvote them. Questions may be categorized with topics.


  • Landing page
  • Responsive design
  • Topics section
  • Upvote and Downvote

Data Structure


This data type carries Answer, down-voter, Question, vote-count, and a voter.


Every new notification accompanies a question and is received by a user (the question creator).


Data contained here are anon, answers, Contributors, Question, topics, and vote-count.


Questions are grouped under topics.


Users' data bear bio, college, Fname, knowledge, admin location, passed-qs, and profile pic.



The index page features recently asked questions by other users. It also contains links to topics, Add Questions, notifications, and a search box to easily find questions.


When a user is logged out, this page displays a login and signup form.


This page houses all comments/answers made on a particular question. This page also features a list of related questions.


All questions reacted by a user are displayed on this page. This also enables a user easily find a thread he/she is following.


All topic questions are listed here, beginning with the popular questions.


All data on the user structure are detailed here, and can also be edited here.


New topics can be created on this page.


The admin dashboard is a one-page component of the template designed to display information in the database, edit or delete content (like users, topics, questions or answers) in the template. This helps you to avoid the technicalities of manual changing things in the database. Also there is statistics display view in dashboard for owner to be able to view total numbers users or questions the app has which are sorted in graph.

Reusable Elements


For every answer made to a question, the app follows a similar routine of making changes to the question by adding a new answer and sending a notification to the question creator.

Mobile Navigation

This could be considered for a header as it provides basic links required to navigate the app, and is responsive for all devices.

Signup / Login Popup

Every user signs up to be able to use the app. This app is also developed with Google plugin to enable users log in with the Gmail accounts and fetch their profile data.


Questions are developed on this page.
This element contains links for easy navigation in the app and could be used as the header.

Things to Note

Admin dashboard comes with security measure which prevents the deleting or editing features to not work in the template.
For user which has Admin field Yesmeans the features are enabled and if No respectively disabled.
Admin rights, Yes or No
The workflow actions which show different pop-ups and for both scenarios when Yes or No. Meaning, when the user is currently Admin is Yes the Popup Delete Pin will be displayed in app. However when user is currently Admin is No the Popup Delete Permission will be shown.
Admin is Yes workflow
Admin is No workflow

Release Notes

Update: 25 Nov 2021

  • Fixed the responsive design for mobile view
  • Created new topics and categories, cleared the database
  • Added new sections on the admin page
  • Renamed some buttons and fields
  • Added upvoters and downvoters
  • Fixed the searching feature

Demo to preview the template

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