Pinterly - Pins Board like Pinterest Template


Pinterly is a no-code template like Pinterest. It is fully responsive and dynamic and allows creating pin galleries similar to Pinterest. Users can create, share, save and download pins they like, follow creators and message to favorite ones. Also, this no-code template has notifications feature when something new is added. To visualize user's activity Pinterly app template has an intuitive dashboard with the line chart. It allows managing users' accounts with ease.


  • Masonry grid for pins
  • Create/edit pins and boards
  • Share pins
  • Download pins
  • Follow users and see their pins in "following" page
  • Comment pins
  • Messaging: Send messages to other users
  • Notification: Get notification of new pins
  • Admin Dashboard

Data Types


Field NoteDescription The description of the boardTitle The title will show on the page “board”TopicTo match the same pins on the "pin" page, the board needs a topic.


Field Note LastMessage For the layout of the message module. If last message is from current user, users messages are on the right Pairs The pairs of the conversation To The message recipient Read? To show the badge Message Item A Message contains Message Items

Message Item:

Field NoteMessage This is the specific, single message as text. This is used in den Messages table as list of message items


Field NotePinsThe user becomes notification from the user which are in the follow list. (User table -> Following_User ). If that user uploads a new pin, this will show in the notification module


Field Note BoardEach pin needs a board. It's not possible to add a pin without a board Copy? If a user saves a pin in his own board, becomes these pin copy=true. This pin is not visible in the pins list. This is for prevention of showing same pins in the listDescription The description of the pin Link If a pin has this attribute, the share button is visible Image​ Title The title will show on the pin page Topic The pins with same topic is showing below the pin on the Pin detail page


Field Note Image Each topic needs a image Title The title will show in the list

Pin Comment:

Field NoteComment A user can add, edit and delete a commit to each pin. This is the comment as text Pin​


Field Note About youThis will show in the “profile-settings” page Follower The list of followers. The count of this list will show in the profile page Following_Topics The list of the following topics. The topic list is on the profile page. This can be used to sort the pin list Following_User The list of user which are followed. The count of this list will show in the profile page Image User image. Will show in the profile and can be changed on the profile-edit page Name Name of the userNotifications_IncomingThe list of notifications. See table "Notification" for more details

Things to Note

The admin dashboard is a one-page component of the template designed to display information in the database, edit, replace, or delete content (like users, pins or boards) on the template. This helps you to avoid the technicalities of manual changing things in the database. Also there is statistics display view in dashboard for owner to be able to view total numbers users or pins the app has which are sorted by months.

​🔐 Admin Rights

Admin dashboard comes with security measure which prevents the deleting or editing features to not work in the template.

For user which has Admin field Yes means the features are enabled and if No respectively disabled.

Document image

The workflow which shows different pop-ups and for both scenarios when Yes or No . Meaning, when the user is currently Admin is Yes the Popup Delete Pin will be displayed in app. However when user is currently Admin is No the Popup Delete Permission will be shown.

Document image
Document image

Release Notes

Update: 23 Sep 2021

  • ​🔧 Fixed the possibility to delete the pin from the user's profile

Demo to preview the template