Picturesque - Photography Template


PICTURESQUE is a creative no-code app template for freelance photographers, professional photographers and photography companies. Use this template to showcase your pictures, your photographers and also receive feedback from your clients and site visitors.


  • Ability to Showcase your photographs
  • Adding and deleting photographers
  • Dashboard to access and customise the site
  • A well designed contact form for easy collection and sending of messages to clients and fans
  • Fully mobile responsive design
  • A well integrated database
  • Simple yet sophisticated design
  • User friendly design

Main Documentation


The main pages of the website are the home page, about us page, photographers page, portfolio page and contact us page. The photographers page has a sub page of each photographers profile page.

Index(home page)

As stated in the above heading, this is the homepage of this template. This page contains, a fully responsive menu with a hamburger menu on mobile view, a hero section with pictures that can be loaded from the database, a quote , a quoter and two buttons that links to the portfolio page and the photographers page
Next on the index page, is the intro to the “about us” page. This section contains headings and a brief insight to what’s in the about us page.
You want your users and clients to see the awesome photographs you capture right? Well the next section gives them a sneak peak into the awesome gallery of pictures you have in your portfolio. A click on each picture brings up a popup that displays a larger size of the picture in a slider that makes navigation so easy. A button is then added that takes them to the portfolio page.
Next section is the intro to the contact page section. A background picture from the portfolio is used here, also contains a quote that can be altered from the contact us page and of course, a button that links to the contact us page
Finally is the footer, that contains quicklinks to the other pages in the site. It also contains social media links.
Note: All the text, the pictures, social media handles can all be altered from the dashboard very easily.

About us Page

This page contains details of the photographer/photography company here. The section starts with the header and then a hero section followed by a full about us info that is pulled from the database and can be altered. It also contains a section that displays some photographs from the portfolio that were last added.

Portfolio Page

This page contains all the pictures in your portfolio. To make filtering through the photos much easier, it contains categories that displays only the photographs in the clicked category. It also has a popup that displays a larger picture when any of the pictures are clicked and a left and right slide to navigate through the pictures/photographs. All the pictures are also pulled from the database.

Photographers page

This page contains a list of all the photographers. Each photographer has his/her picture attached to it, his/her name, a brief intro to who they are and a button to link and view their complete profile. The profile page contains picture of the photographer, and the portfolio of the photographer. The data from these pages are also pulled from the database and can be altered also.

Contact us Page

This page’s name speaks for itself. It is the page where your clients will get in touch with you or were they could find details about your company’s location.


This template gives you the ability to dynamically change most of the content on the template with the use of the fully responsive dashboard. There are 5 menu items in the dashboard, the website detail menu, the pages menu, the portfolio menu, photographers menu and the message menu.
Website details menu:
This is where you upload the site logo, site title, site description dynamically to the template.
Pages Menu:
This section of the dashboard allows you change such things as text and pictures that we stated out in the structure section of this documentation. You can alter any static text or picture found on any of the template pages right from this section of the dashboard.
Portfolio Menu:
This is where you add and delete pictures that you want to have in the portfolio. It sends whatever picture you add straight to the database and deletes whatever picture you delete from the database.
Photographers Menu:
You can add the photographers details to the database here; details such as name, brief intro, a profile picture of the photographer. You can also edit already added photographer and delete totally from the database.
Message Menu:
This section covers the contact form part of the template. All messages sent from the contact form can be accessed here and a form to reply is also added. You can also delete already read messages from the database.
Password Protection
The password protection feature is made open for demo purposes. When you deploy, make sure you remove the initial value of the Input Password and change the expected hardcoded password in the conditional expression found in Step 1 of the Login button workflow.

Things to Note

This template has two dashboards which have the same functionality but different design. Feel free to use either one.

Demo to preview the template