NowUI - Kit by Invision Template


NowUI is a no-code app template to beautifully show off design work, it’s built using designs created by InVision.
It includes a responsive landing page and blog with admin access and a set of UI elements (buttons, icons, paragraphs and much more) -- happy designing!


  • Responsive design
  • Landing page
  • Blog

Data Structure


This sections contains data such as Profile_photo image, Occupation, Name, list of Comment and Bookmarks.


This is the comments section for the template.


This sections contains data such as User, list of Likes, Comment and Article.


This sections contains data such as Title, quote, Image_field_3, Image_field_2, Image_field, Image, Description, list of Comments and Body.



This is the homepage of the template, which shows what to expect from the template at large and the various features.


This allows you to add new articles to the blog page.


This page is the log section of the template.


This is the login/signup section for this template. It allows already registered users access to the website. It pops out the login/signup form and requests for email and password to log in. In case any user forgets password there's a password recovery section for that.


This opens a specific blog post revealing the content within.

Things to Note

Database things: Most of the template content were directly pulled from the template database. Please do not delete an entire data thing unless you are sure of what you are doing. However, feel free to delete template content used in building this template, preferably from the admin dashboard.

Demo to preview the template