Nomadly - Nomads Like Nomad List Template


Nomadly is a no-code template similar to Nomad List. It offers a directory of cities ranked by city comparison metrics.


  • Responsive design
  • Admin dashboard
  • City comparison system
  • Ranking on metrics
  • User profile page

Pages Overview

The main pages in this Nomads template are:


This page is the β€œface” of this awesome template. On this page you'll first find different cities/tourist attraction centers belonging to different countries. With the ability to compare and contrast, check the score rating, the guide, the cost of living and the tour video.

popup city

This is a page that pops up whenever you select a city to check further details about it. Such details include the score rating, the guide, the cost of living and the tour video.Custom StateNoteElement NamemenuTo display menu of popup city pageButton Cost of living


This page allows the user to compare cities from cities so as to be able to make better choice suiting the user's specific needs.


This page allows the user to edit their profile page, with include information such as cover photo, profile picture, first name, last name, email address and favorite cities.


This page allows you to add, edit or delete cities from the websiteCustom StateNoteElement NameCityTo add or edit cityButton Edit cityContinentTo add or edit continentButton Edit continentCountryTo add or edit countryButton Edit continent

Reusable Elements


The header contains the logo and links to all the main pages. The logos can be changed by the admin in the dashboard.


The footer contains content peculiar to your business such as the logo, and other quick links to your website. Such content can be changed in the Admin dashboard. There is also provision for customers to subscribe to your business via email where they could receive deals and customer benefits your business might provide. It also includes links to your social media accounts.

Data Types


This allows the user to make votes with details such as City, Mark, Score, User.


This displays the City video and the video's Link.UserThis shows different information about the user, such as First Name, Full Name, Last Name, Location, Profile image, Profile photo, Vote, Favorite cities, Compare list of cities, and if the user is Admin or not.


This displays the Icon and Text information.


This shows the country's information such as the country's Name, the list ofCity in it and it's Continent.


This shows the continent's information such as the continent's Name, list of Country, list of City and Location.


This contains several information about each city for other users to know. These information includes the Airbnb (day) cost per day, the Average Cost of Living, the Beer (0.5) number, the Best Air Carrier, the Best Coffee Place, the Best hospital, the Best Online Shop, the Best Telecom service, the Coca Cola (0.3) number, Coffee number, the Continent name, the Country name, the Dinner cost, the For Expath (month) cost, the For Family (month) cost per month, the For Local (month) cost per month, the Hotel (day) per day, the Hotel (month) cost per month, the Image and Image blur of the city, the Internet Speed, the Location, the Mark, the City Name, the city's Population and Power, the Video, Vote and Weather.

Things to Note

Database things: Most of the template content were directly pulled from the template database. Please do not delete an entire data thing unless you are sure of what you are doing. However, feel free to delete template content used in building this template, preferably from the admin dashboard.

Demo to preview the template